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Turtle Crossers + Goals


FYI my post about what I wish I had known the first week of blogging is up on Healthy Living Blogs.  Check it out….WAIT!!!!  First read this then check it out 🙂

turtleMomma lives in Pennsylvania near a stretch of Route 1.  Lots of people live around here and so do lots of turtles.  They make their nests on the sides of the major this roadway and sometimes get the bright idea to cross it.  What do they think they are, chickens?

Turtles are pretty darned determined when an idea gets into their little minds.  They focus on the other side of the street and GO! Sometimes upstanding citizens stop their cars, pick them up, and return them to the same side of the street.  Big mistake. Turtles can only think of one goal…the other side of the street.  And so the journey to cross begins again.  They’ll try over and over and over until they reach they other side.  Persistent little buggers.  They know what they want and go for it.

My very first Weight Watchers leader found this fascinating and believed we should all be like turtles.  She would give shiny turtle stickers for every 8 pounds you lost.

glitter turtle

Loosing the first few pounds is fairly easy.  Pay attention to what you eat and get in some movement.  To lose 8 pounds it’s not a fluke.  It takes determination.  It takes setting your mind on the goal that prompted you to get healthy in the first place.

It’s the same with any goal you set on your healthy living journey.  Keep at the forefront of you mind what first set you in motion.  You need a turtle’s determination to see your goals through instead of just floundering like a dying fish.  Be more like Mr. Turtle and get to the other side of whatever you goal is.  Heck you could even be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 😀

mutant turtles

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Blogger Meet Ups. Blogger friend are awesome!  I love sitting down for dinner at amazing places and immediately having stuff to talk about.  If you haven’t met a local blogger or a blogger while traveling I highly recommend it.  They’ll listen to you talk about all the awesome stuff you love about blogging when others in your life (ahem, Hunni) can only stand so much.  I’ll recap my meet ups later this week 🙂
  • Recipe Recreation. Okay time did not present itself to make this sandwich yet.  However it is on the menu for Tuesday dinner.  I promised it to Momma and I don’t think she’ll let us leave to go back to work unless I make it.  Better double-check the ingredients since Hunni forget two bags sitting on the kitchen counter at home.  Don’t worry nothing perishable.
  • Explore on bike. Don’t tell Hunni I probably won’t be needing my bike this trip.  He worked so hard to load it.  I did get plenty of exercise though so check back on Tuesday for how.
  • Become a Cheerleader. Sorry to all of you who ran the Philly Distance Run.  I was not there waving my pom poms and screaming.  Momma had a trip planned for us to pick apples that day.  I can’t turn Momma down.  But I loved all your tweets about finishing.  Sounds like you had a great time.  Who wouldn’t when you are running towards the Rocky Step!?
  • Shopping! Yes, yes, oh yes.  I purchased a good bit, including some items for fall.  I even kept to my budget.  I love the fun of picking out new clothes and even shoes.  Blogger meet ups may hurt my budget a tiny bit but may help me avoid showing up on What NOT to Wear with my yoga pants at the mall 🙂

This Week’s Goals:

  • Relax! I have three more days of vacation and I”m going to make the best of them.  This is my last bit of vacation before all heck breaks loose so I am going to sleep in (if you consider 9 sleeping in), wear whatever I want, have no real schedule and enjoy every gosh darn second.  I know the second I hit the door of my building it will be work, work and more work.  Let’s get the relaxing in first.
  • Pamper myself. I’ve really loved this goal from my 10 goals in 2010.  My hair has been regularly cut and colored, I’ve had my nails done and I feel great.  I’m enjoy feeling pretty even when I had a stressful day and I’m keeping up with it this week.  A bit more shopping at stores we don’t have and a cut and color scheduled for Friday.
  • Work out 3 times. Until now I haven’t put specific times or numbers on workouts because I was just happy to get them in when I could.  Now I know I can hand three workouts in a week.  I’m not going to call them “workouts” with finger quotes because for now a 15 minute bike ride or 15 minutes in the pool feels awesome.
  • Family Time. Apple picking with Momma and Hunni, the grand tour of Philly (again), Movie night in, Dinner out, and just general merriment.  It’s vacation gosh-darn it and we are going to enjoy the whole family.  Even Peanut and Leo as they beg while we can the apples 🙂
  • Brainstorm menus. Hello my name is Cynthia and I’m a menu slacker.  This summer was nuts and I gave up with real menus about 2 weeks in.  I was tired of molding food and feeling bad for not cooking.  Now I’m sick of the Hodge-podge that has become or eating and I’m planning menus as we return to normalcy.  About all we have is a lot of beans, canned tomatoes and salsa 🙂  Let the brainstorming begin!

How to you get back on track after vacations and busyness?


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