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The Happy Butter + Goals


IMG_3635We eat at our favorite coffee shop far too often.  However we are such creatures of habit we don’t pay attention to the signs.  While waiting for my food I noticed this one and I had to giggle.  I hope it makes you laugh too 🙂

Last Week’s Goals:

  • A Blogging We Will Go. I have a bunch of posts ready to go for this week and a few more in the works.  I’m going to take a break a few days with recipes ready to go.  Fun fun fun is ready!
  • Blogger meet ups. Healthy Living Blogs is awesome!  I loved meeting Emily and actually had lunch with her twice 🙂  I also got to meet up with my CDNY girls too.  Super busy week 🙂
  • Work out with…Cynthia. Pool twice even on the nasty day that Hurricane Hermione decided to bring us.  Also two great rides to the coffee shop to meet Emily meant plenty of exercise.  Not to mention lots of walking at the farmers market ogling all the wonderful maple goodies I can eat!
  • Make a menu plan. Okay there was a plan…and there were meals.  But they didn’t always coincide.  We only at out at the end of the week before heading out for our other trip because we had no food in the fridge 🙂

This Week’s Goals:

  • Blogger Meet Ups. Yeah I know that this was a goal last week but I’m becoming a social butterfly.  I’m meeting a large group in NYC at Candle 79 for a great vegan dinner tonight and then one of my roomies for FitBloggin ‘11 at a local food restaurant in Lancaster.  I’m excited…very excited for great food and great new blends 🙂
  • Recipe Recreation. I had the most amazing sandwich when I was in Ithaca and I’m bound and determined to make it at home…well Momma’s home 🙂  Recipe is approximated and ingredients are purchased.  Now to cook and taste.  Perhaps for Saturday Dinner.
  • Explore on bike. Yep I packed my bike for vacation.  Good thing I have a 12 Passenger van for all of the things I packed.  I plan on driving around town on my bike and playing on my elementary school playground for a bit 🙂
  • Become a Cheerleader. Some of my good friends in High School were cheerleaders while I was in the band…but I learned the cheers.  I can’t run the 1/2 marathon this vacation was set for but I’m going to scream until I can’t talk for all the awesome people who are racing through Philly 🙂
  • Shopping! Okay this may not be the smartest goal but it is the change of seasons – if you didn’t know it by now 😉 That means I can get awesome deals on summer clothes for next year.  With all the blogger meet ups I’ve had this summer and now for the fall I’m going to need some outfits for fun stuff like farmers’ markets and races 🙂
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  1. 06/09/2010 8:56 AM

    So glad you had fun this weekend, getting together with old/new friends is always fun. I’ll have to get myself to the next blogger meetup, maybe in Albany.

    I feel the same way with menu plans for the week. As a single person, if I don’t have a plan, I end up eating tons of empty calories while I decided what to do for dinner!

  2. 06/09/2010 9:04 PM

    Your pregnant friend is absolutely glowing! She looks great! (so do you)

    • 06/09/2010 9:10 PM

      Aww thanks Jenny. My pregnant friend is amazing! She didn’t look pregnant really until she showed off her belly. She looks like she smuggled a basketball 🙂

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