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When Dinner Escapes You


The heat, the need for sleep, and the general lack of pep in my step has led to my menu list from looking like this…


To a ghost town…


(Yes the last time I wrote out a menu was July…ooops…and I don’t think I even ate the meals on that menu.)

I’m a list girl through-and-through but menus have gone by the wayside.  Sure I blame my busy work schedule that makes me eat out several times a week and great blogger meet ups full of coffee and meals in the car…but the truth is dinner ideas have escaped me.  I have food but not a ton of time for prep.  I also fear molding veggies in the fridge so I don’t have a ton of fresh veg.

I could beat myself up but instead I’m embracing my creativity.  A little of this and a little of that and soon dinner is born.

Anything in my fridge, freezer and pantry are fair game for this fun game of “What’s for dinner?” Last night I grabbed a few things and ran away to the kitchen, threw them in the pan, and prayed.  It worked! Perhaps I’m a better cook preparer than I thought. 🙂


This concoction included:


  • 1/2 box fresh tortellini
  • 2 cups veggie broth (you can make your own following Heather’s instructions…mine was boxed ::gasp::)
  • 2 cups boxed Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
  • 2 cups frozen string beans
  • Garlic salt to taste

You might think I have a thing for the number two but honestly I am guessing because no measuring cups were involved in the creation of this meal. 😀

  1. Spray skillet with deep sides with olive oil.  Slightly brown tortellini while tossing.
  2. Add 1 cup veggie broth and cover to steam tortellini. IMG_3764
  3. Get a nice facial while you remove the lid and add in the boxed soup.
  4. Simmer on medium-low until nice an thick.
  5. Add green beans and garlic salt till your heart and taste buds are content. My goal is to repel a vampire so I’m not giving measurements. IMG_3765
  6. Add remaining veggie broth and cover until beans are tender singing sweet Elvis music….okay if you hear Elvis there are other troubles…perhaps you’d like this recipe 🙂
  7. Devour!

This made three servings.  Two for dinner and one for Hunni’s breakfast.  Yes, he ate it for breakfast because we were out of milk.  Ooops…Guess I forgot to buy it at the store.

*Confession: The pictures are from when I remade this recipe tonight for dinner I didn’t know if it would turn out the first time.*

When dinner ideas escape you just look to the panty and use your wild imagination 🙂

What is the best “throw it in the pot and pray” meal you’ve ever made?

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  1. diana @ i can eat, can't i permalink
    04/09/2010 2:25 PM

    definitely the milestone soup minus the pasta!

  2. 05/09/2010 3:44 PM


    I think most of my dinners are just throw stuff together and hope it’s okay. Seems to work pretty well.

    • 06/09/2010 7:17 AM

      That’s great that it works for you. I get nervous if I don’t have a semi idea. I’ll have to go back and look at your food blog for more ideas.

  3. Tonya stahli permalink
    06/09/2010 1:32 AM

    I took a rotisserie chicken pulled the chicken off the bone put some taco seasoning in it mixed some ranch in with that and then ate it just like u would a taco with the lettuce and stuff it was pretty amazing shaun and eason ate a ton of it and believe me a 2 year old is a picky eater lol

    • 06/09/2010 7:49 AM

      Tonya that sounds great! If I could eat chicken that would go on this week’s menu 🙂


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