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Food Stasher Extraordinaire


While packing for yet another weekend conference my dresser looks like it exploded.


Hunni’s dresser might get some ideas so I should probably straighten up. 

Tons of lists run through my head of all the things I need and of course the things I may need…just in case.  What, you don’t need 10 different outfits and four pairs of shoes for the weekend?  That’s just clothes.

The biggest challenge for these trips is the food because of my IBS.  At home I have complete control over ingredients and cooking but at conferences I’m at the mercy of the menu planner.  Can I apply for that job so I can actually eat conference food?  Until they give me the job I have become a food stasher extraordinaire. 🙂  Mama Pea taught me that phrase on Twitter when I was talking about packing some of her goodies.  Ooops, sorry I was supposed to stop talking about her goodies.  Darn, said it again. 

Enough about her goodies (oops), I’ve become an expert food stasher since the disastrous conference I attended in May.  Lets not relive it.  Okay you can, but I’m trying to forget.  Instead of naively trusting the availability of appropriate food, I pack my own.  Thank God Hunni doesn’t mind lifting my haul.  You’d think I was was going camping for a week.  Can’t be too prepared.


For this weekend I’ve packed some old favorites and new fun treats. 

I’ve meant to make Mama Pea’s Lulu’s Mac and Cheese recipe since seeing its cheesy goodness. Can you believe it’s DAIRY-FREE?!  IMG_3667Slightly modified with some trees and spice (broccoli and red pepper flakes) for an adult flair.  Also so Hunni won’t steal it…he likes my cooking a bit too much at times.


Dump-it-all-in-Chili is perfect for packing.  My chili has traveled more than me; to church picnics, lunch on the run and visiting new parents.  Crock pot overnight and ready to go with some Greek Yogurt.  Ready to go and leftovers for when we get back.  Perfect!

Breakfast in a hurry is my specialty.  I’m not a morning person, meaning I roll out of bed with 10 minutes to throw on my uniform, grab breakfast and go.  (don’t worry I shower the night before)  Greek Yogurt with jam and raw oatmeal saves my week days so it’s perfect this weekend too.  It may even make a dessert appearance.


The real dessert caught my eye on Evan’s blog.  Making my own Hummus is on my list (yes another list) so this was as good a time as any.  Sweet and sassy dessert hummus…kind of like me. 🙂  I made a few substitutions with what I had on hand…but the animals crackers don’t mind.  This stuff is so good it may not make it the entire weekend.

IMG_3707  IMG_3710

A few more things are making the journey…just in case.  Hunger can strike at any moment and I don’t want to be left unprepared.

For those of you who are food stashers or want to be Mama Pea has some great tips.  No shame in hiding a granola bar in your purse. 🙂

Do you stash food when traveling?

*Note: I’m not a vegan but my health issues require me to be prepared with food I can eat.*

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  1. 27/08/2010 1:59 PM

    When I travel, I love to have an army of Larabars in my pocket. It makes eating anything else feel like less of a pressure 🙂

    • 28/08/2010 8:12 AM

      I have to have larabars or clif z bars in my purse at all times. Hunni’s been known to steal it for a snack instead of the junk.

  2. 27/08/2010 4:19 PM

    I might have to try that Mac n Cheese…


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