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Quotable Quotes


I love words.  When I learned the longest word in the English language is “antidisestablishmentarianism” I promptly broke it into the root, suffixes, and prefixes to understand the true meaning.  I was a word-nerd in High School…maybe that’s why I became a Spanish teacher.  Spanish words are cool too 🙂

Writers have a way to finesse and massage words, saying more in one phrase than I can in a lifetime.  Some smart business man put the most quotable of quotes on greeting cards to sell to folks like me.  The problem is making my note half as poignant.

Just a sampling of my favorites:


The Queen of Hearts had the right idea.  What fun is living if you don’t dream the impossible.  My list of things to try is infinite if I knew I wouldn’t fail.  I should try to remember I don’t know if I will more often.  Especially since I’ll remember the moments I succeed not the days I fail.

IMG_3538 IMG_3540IMG_3551

I’d much rather be immature in my own little universe.  It is much more fun that way.  I don’t get bored as easily 🙂

IMG_3545 IMG_3550IMG_3546

Gandhi, Teddy and Unknown had the right idea.  Maybe that’s why they are quoted so often?

IMG_3548 IMG_3554IMG_3553

Life is a tricky BEEP (I don’t swear…choose your own expletive).  Living it is trickier but so worth it.

Finally the piece de resistance…


Mr. Walsh I believe you have discovered the answer to all my problems.  I need to leap out of my comfort zone and face life head on.  Why does that sound like playing in traffic?  I guess I’m too comfortable.

What is your favorite quote?

*BTW: Check out my post on Healthy Living Blogs tonight about what healthy means to me.  Excuse the typos.*

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  1. 26/08/2010 8:32 AM

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and it’s super fun! I was actually doing a post just like this because I was caught in a stationery store the other day and found myself obsessed with taking photos of the cards with cute quotes I loved. My personal favorite was:

    We all let people into our lives, but you’ll find that really good friends let you into your own.


    • 26/08/2010 9:07 AM

      Thanks Ashley! I’m glad you like it. I just added that quote you mentioned as my face book status because I love it!

  2. actorsdiet permalink
    27/08/2010 1:06 AM

    my fave quote is by julia child – “life itself is the proper binge.” it really helped me with my eating disorder recovery.


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