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Talking to Myself


I love Operation Beautiful and support it whole heartedlyCaitlin commits to ending fat talk, showing women (and men) how to love themselves.  One little post-it note can brighten any day even in my own apartment.

I won’t say Fat Talk doesn’t echo in my head almost daily.  That would be a HUGE lie and It All Changes is about the truth; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Fat Talk ran my my thoughts for so many years I’m left struggling to evict those pesky things…especially on rough days.  Fat Talk was so ingrained in me I have a permanent reminder of what I thought carved into my thigh. 

I appreciate Roni of Roni’s Weigh and Kate at What Kate Ate who also mentioned they struggle with Fat Talk from time to time.  The difference now is we fight back instead of being beat down.  For me, instead of blindly believing the negativity, I talk back.  I stare at the mirror and combat each negative thought with positivity. 

  • You pigged out, no wonder you’re fat.  I’m not fat, I’m healthy.  One indulgent meal doesn’t make me fat.
  • I don’t like my stomach and arms and legs and … I work hard and my body works hard for me.  I don’t look like the women in magazines but neither do they.
  • I gained a pound (or two).  I can’t eat anything but salad today.  The scale doesn’t measure who I am.  It reflects how I treat myself.  I choose to treat myself with kindness and respect.
  • That will never fit me.  It will show all my flaws.  Try it on anyway.  Clothing looks better on people than hangers.  Flaws make us as unique as our style.
  • I’ll never run a marathon, or do complex yoga poses, or ride in a distance bike race.  I have worked hard to enjoy running, swimming, and yoga for me, not to compete with others.  I’m proud of what I can do instead of comparing it to others.
  • My pants are really tight; I must have gained a million pounds last night.  I ate sensibly and 1,000,000 pounds is ridiculous.  Put on a different pair and enjoy the day.
  • I’m not good enough to eat dessert.  I’ve been bad enough today.   Food is neither good or bad.  Enjoy the taste instead and company.  You’ll feel better than beating yourself up.
  • I can’t wear a bathing suit…I’m to fat.  I’m not wearing it for others…I’m wearing it to swim.  Jump in the water and live.

Yes, I’m the girl talking to herself in the locker room, or fitting room, or my own bathroom; talking back to the negative thoughts refuses to let the Fat Talk run free.  I don’t think I’ll ever be rid of them but they don’t run my life anymore.  I am stronger, smarter, wiser and more beautiful because I am me and I am loving myself more each day.

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  1. VoiceinRecovery permalink
    25/08/2010 3:36 PM

    Love this!!! I often tell my mentees and people who struggle to counter the negative thoughts with positive, real ones. It can be so hard, but I know the more you do this, the more you question and dont just accept the negative as truth. The inner voice can often be a liar! Good for you for fighting the fat talk!!!

    • 25/08/2010 6:31 PM

      Thanks you so much! I’m glad you liked it. On the days it is harder I yell at the negative thoughts 🙂

  2. 25/08/2010 11:03 PM

    I love this post! I still struggle with listening to the wrong voices.

  3. 26/08/2010 12:43 AM

    Great post! I loved your responses to the Fat Talk – “1,000,000 pounds is ridiculous.”

    Isn’t it crazy the things we come up with in our head to de-value ourselves? Kudos to you for being so aware and recognizing that you an institute a change.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way!


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