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Miss You + Goals


My job is fairly safe with one big hazard…I miss my friends 😦  Three moves in five years leaves lots of friends all over the globe.  I’m horrible at keeping in touch no matter what I wrote it in your yearbook.  #63 on  my list is Write real letter/card once a month to friends; I haven’t written a darned one.  Told you I was bad at keeping in touch.  I bought an adorable post card to kick my butt into gear.  I have sad puppy eyes when I remember I can’t go down the hall to hang out and eat sushi.


Doesn’t he remind you of a few other cuties.

IMG_3656 IMG_3658

Peanut and Leo feel miss our friends too…they’ve met a few on vacations.

The trick now is writing messages on the cards and mailing them.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the stamps.  I’ve done that a few too many times in the excitement to get them in the mailbox. 🙂

Now onto other goals of the weekly variety.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Get my butt in order. Okay whoever Googled “Do the Butt” sorry you arrived at my blog…I don’t think this is what you were looking for; however my butt is now thoroughly organized between Google Calendar, Google task lists and paper calendar working together for the greater good of my sanity.  Bring on Christmas, I’m ready…for now 😉
  • EXERCISE! Attempted and failed.  😦  The pool was closed for maintenance so no swimming until September and the Treadmill was a pain in the…uh calf.  I did a bunch of walking but my brain is on the fritz until my calf gets it’s act in gear.  I’m going nuts.
  • Food! Food purchased, cooked, and eaten.  Score one for the home team, and my wallet.  Nothing too fancy… unless you consider grilled peaches with cinnamon, almond butter and banana tortillas fancy?  If you do, check back later this week to see the recipe. 🙂
  • Sew my fingers off. I RSVP’d to the shower but no quilt yet.  Cue the freak out…5,4,3,2,1….AHHHHH! Glad I waited though because mom-to-be has a very specific theme and colors she wants.  Their little Speck is a mystery so I needed some sort of idea.  I used my “quilting time” Googling specific Horton Hears a Who colors 🙂
  • Hang out with friends. Even though my friends think I’m crazy I went to visit three times this week…and it was fabulous!  So relaxing, invigorating, and ME!  If only I could create a time machine to make the drive faster.  Strike that…I love the time for phone calls (hands-free of course), books on CD’s, thinking and praying.  I love the ME time with friend and by myself 🙂

This Week’s Goals:

  • Send some postcards. Of course since I bought the cards and showed them to y’all now I have to send them.  I hope my friends enjoy getting regular mail as much as I do 🙂  Beats all that junk mail.
  • Bloggity, Blog, Blog, Blog. I have a new toy and need to learn to use it so I don’t start building a fort with the box.  Thank God for Heather and Becca agreeing to tutor me.  They better since they told me I needed it…well they did 😀
  • Food stashing. The conference we are attending this weekend is buffet style full of food designed to make me sick.  Well not really but it will make me sick so I’ve been asked to bring my own meals.  I’m plotting and planning what I want to eat while everyone else chows on potato buds and charred hamburgers.  I’m thinking tabouleh, hummus and plenty of nut butter 🙂
  • Read and Relax. I picked up some new books at the library Saturday that I really want to read.  Sure one of them is a grammar book but I’m really excited to figure out this comma thing….because I’m sure one doesn’t go “,” here 😉
  • Snuggle with the puppers. Since I can’t exercise I’m going to snuggle with my puppers and take them for some long walks.  If my calf has decided to give up, who am I to convince it otherwise.  I’m sure my Sports Medicine Doctor will give it a good talking to (or needle stabbing) next week.

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