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Be You


Vacation was a test for me.  No scale, no point counting, not my kitchen.  It was my chance to see how far I’ve come on me Healthy Living Journey and not a diet.

*Note: I don’t think counting points or weighing yourself is bad but I was becoming obsessed to an unhealthy stage again.*

I was amazed at how freeing it was to just relax.  Being a creature of habit I found a Saturday Weight Watchers meeting.  It is refreshing to hear new tips and celebrate all progress not just the scale.  I misread the time schedule and arrived an hour early.  After a week on the computer it was nice to unplug and read my book.

I chug so much water of course there were potty breaks…TMI?  Boys take magazines and newspapers to the bathroom…I look at decorations.  Reminds me of dorm days with puzzles and articles on stall walls.

The Weight Watchers bathroom had this awesome framed art.

So pretty.

Scary staring as I went in several times to pondering the words… then I took pictures. What else is a blogger to do? 🙂  They made me think.

What makes me Happy, Peaceful, Joyful and Serene?  Not just the hokey stuff we all say but deep within.


Happiness is:

  • Waking up with Hunni, Peanut and Leo in a warm bed.
  • Smiling faces of children and families in our community we serve.
  • Hugs from my two cutie pie cousins just to say I love you.
  • Knowing I married the man of my dreams even if he’s not the man I dreamed of.
  • Love from family and friends despite all my faults.


Peace is:

  • A warm cup of tea, dogs, and a book on a stormy day.
  • The silence in my chapel right before everyone arrives for church.
  • Walking away from technology and into the woods for a hike with Hunni.
  • Living up to my own standards and not others’.
  • The final “I love you” before going to sleep.


Joy is:

  • Sleeping in on Christmas after all the work is done!
  • The smile on Hunni’s face when I do the little things.
  • A phone call from a far away friend just to say “hello.”
  • New babies who smile just because they are happy.
  • Loving life because I’m living it.


Serenity is:

  • Sitting with Hunni and not having to say a word.
  • Friends who love you for your faults instead of in spite of them.
  • Good talks about deep issues leaving you fulfilled.
  • Surviving the worst and using it to help others.
  • Knowing that “perfection” doesn’t exist except in Christ.

Waiting in that room I knew that I was okay to be me.  Scale up or down; injured or marathon runner; good days or bad;  I’m me.  I’m happy,peaceful , joyful and serene…even if not at the same time 🙂

What makes you Happy? Peaceful? Joyful? Serene?

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  1. 19/08/2010 3:04 PM

    I love this post! Im going to have to take some time today to thing about all these things and what they mean for me, thanks!

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