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Kids Say the Darndest Things


MizFit and MrsFatass issued a challenge last week.  Find out what the children in your life have to say about the words Exercise, Support & Strength. By now you know the only kids in my life are these adorable little ones…

As cute as they are (and they know it…the little buggers) there’s not much talking going on.  It’s all in the eyes with them.

I wanted to participate since kids say the darndest things…even if unprovoked so I thought of the human kids in my life.  My cousins live too far away…

My aunt wouldn’t understand a random call about 3 words…and they aren’t phone talkers unless its about the cute boys in their class.

However, as a Pastor my Sunday School kids like to drive me nuts each week…they were perfect to ask.

Yes Mario Kart and Swimming at the Lake are perfectly appropriate Sunday School lessons.  Learning about God can be loads of fun.

Sunday I had a sign for each words: Exercise, Support and Strength.  There were three little girls who gave their honest opinions that cracked me up.

Remember this was Sunday School so the first word out of their mouths’ for each sign was GOD.  The perfect answers to any Sunday School question are God, Jesus and the Bible.  😀  We agreed on the first word and moved on to come up with these.

The honest truth!

They always speak their mind.  On days I didn’t get enough sleep I was told I looked 40.  When I finger comb my hair I’ve been told Peanut and Leo were my hair dressers.Straight forward, no nonsense…and a ton of fun.

When did I forget things like playing at the park and going for a walk were exercise.  They are the best exercise ever!  A good reminder you can be healthy and strong even if you don’t run marathons or doing triathlon.  Hunni got a lot of exercise throwing them around the water at the lake and that was a blast!On of our biggest challenges is teaching these kids to trust family and friends.  For some of them they don’t have a great support network.  We teach if they are nice and talk to others they can build relationships even if their normal ones are destructive.  So rewarding to see that they got the message.  Yeah I did my job right!

Strong was my favorite.  Randomness of corn, Popeye, peas and carrots. Apparently my focus on feeding them vegetables and not just hamburgers and hot dogs (they go together) has rubbed off.  Who knows where butterflies came from.  I guess they eat their spinach like Popeye so they can fly around all day.


This activity led to a great discussion of how to be healthy in our day-to-day life and our faith.  Every Sunday we teach about exercising their faith, that God and the church is there to support them through anything and that they are strong, beautiful and intelligent no matter what!  They really loved the lesson and asked to pose with their posters.

My lovely little ladies.

What do the kids in your life think about Exercise, Support and Strong?

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