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Walk a Million Miles


Yesterday was the TODAY show in NYC to support Caitlin and Operation Beautiful.  Check out how we spread the love of this great movement as the Operation Beautiful Cheerleader.


The fun didn’t end there.  It was only 10 AM when we parted ways with all the bloggers after brunch.  I didn’t drive all the way from the Berkshires for a few hours in NYC…though it would have been worth it to support CaitlinBecca, Jessica and I decided to explore the city.  The mission was finding the Operation Beautiful book in a Barnes and Noble or Borders to buy a copy.  I already had my copy but Jessica and Becca needed one.

Shouldn’t have been a problem except there are as many B&N and Borders locations in the city as Starbucks.  All the directions we received were wrong.  Cops were no help, neither were New Yorkers or store employees.  A million blocks one way and back the other just to find the illusive store.

The blazing heat was killing us as were my leg injury and Becca’s ankle.  We sought refuge in several stores to enjoy their AC for a few minutes.

Anthropologie and many more for rest.

I called Hunni to locate the nearest one with no luck…there were 11 pages of options, way too many.  Magically Barnes & Noble appeared on the horizon next to a little piece of Heaven….otherwise known as Crumbs Bake Shop.

There were so many options…of things to hurt my tummy.  😦

Sugar options galore!

Becca and Jess ordered a cappuccino cupcake to compliment Becca’s coffee spree to keep her awake.  It looked ridiculously yummy.

Bad lighting but you can see them demolishing it.  My treat was the tea above and I bought Hunni a cookie dough cupcake thank you for staying in the office while I gallivanted through the city.

Pure Joy!

Loaded on a caffeine and sugar high we explored Barnes and Noble and found the prize on the shelf.

Jess bought her copy and while Becca went to the bathroom I bought her a copy as a thank you.  She encouraged me to make the trip to the city and was my partner in crime for the day.  I don’t know if I could have done it without her.  I hid it in my bag until we were leaving the city.  She would have killed me and then returned it.  I just knew it.

My last visit to NYC was dinner with Kara at a great vegan place on Park Avenue called Franchia.  We walked up and down Park with no luck.  It must be a secret little insider treasure that is hidden from outsiders.  The caffeine high was wearing off and so we headed to Grand Central Station to grab a quick bite and catch the train home.

There was a post-it exhibit in Grand Central while we decided on a restaurant.  It seemed fitting for a day of Saving the World One Post-It at a Time (thank Meredith Vieira for a great quote).

One of the amazing works.

Lunch was crowded and loud but the good company made it worth it.  Shark rolls and a new friend 🙂

Quick good-bye hugs to Jess, then a hop, skip and jump to the train.  I surprised Becca with the book by throwing it in her lap saying “Please don’t kill me.”  She is truly fabulous and it was fun to watch her read the notes on the ride home…in between naps.

Checking out the notes.

No trip to support Operation Beautiful would be complete without leaving a note.  I hope it inspired the next person to ride the train.

You are all beautiful!

The day was perfect.  Worth the lack of sleep, large doses of caffeine and long drives.  Absolutely Beautiful!

Say something you think is beautiful about yourself…because you are beautiful!

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  1. 07/08/2010 5:09 PM

    Glad you were able to find the book!! I think I’m gonna make a trip to Barnes and Noble today or soon and get a copy!

    • 07/08/2010 5:18 PM

      Go quickly. And if they say they don”t have it as if they have them in the back. My friend had to ask at another store.

  2. actorsdiet permalink
    07/08/2010 7:39 PM

    there’s a crumbs within walking distance of my house. the first week it opened i had a headache from eating so many! but i actually haven’t gone in years.

    • 07/08/2010 7:42 PM

      It took every fiber of my being to not eat one of them with all the scrumptious sounding flavors. But I knew I had a long day ahead of me and drive home. That would not have been pleasant with stabbing stomach pains. It was nice to see Hunni eat it though.


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