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Enjoy the Trip


At least once a week I take the same trip to Albany.  Over the river mountains and through the woods on Route 2 from Massachusetts in New York.  It’s a simple drive but I’m always on auto pilot because I travel it so much.  I don’t even take the time to feel the curves of the road beneath my wheels or gaze at the beauty of the trees that turn into pastures and small towns and back into trees.  It’s almost like the entire trip doesn’t exist and I’m magically transported from my little town in Massachusetts to the Big Cities (of Troy and Albany) in the blink of an eye.

But yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with Rosey Rebecca and ThenHeatherSaid for an amazing and uniquely strange (ie. Weird live music that kept us laughing) blogger meetup at a friend’s coffee shop, Expresso Therapy.  There is so much to write about that day that it will have to wait.  But I was so excited I actually left about 20 minutes early just to be sure I didn’t miss.a.single.word. But I also didn’t want to be the dork who showed up super early.  Who am I kidding I am that dork…but I didn’t want to prove it in the first second they met me…that would come later :-).

So instead of arriving really early I decided to stop and enjoy the views on my ride.  I don’t know what it was at first that made me stop to take a picture.  But suddenly I was looking around me as I was driving and thinking how beautiful the mountain road looked as I passed in and out of the fog, wondering what was around each curve.  Each turn became a new amazing picture I could take.  Rich in wonder and desire to see my surroundings in ways I had never seen them before.

These pictures are taken in New York State but on the corner where you could almost be in Vermont or Massachusetts.  In one place and on the edge of something else. My little corner of New Versachusetts. 🙂

See that corner of the states?

Don’t worry I wasn’t driving while I took these pictures…I was dangerously safely pulled to the side of the road with my flashers on as I gazed wondrously at the sights around me. There wasn’t another soul on the road…except the occasional cow.

So often I skip over these views as I speed along (yes I speed) and zone out to the book on CD to which I’m listening or whatever is the conversation of the day with Hunni.  But today I just breathed it in literally.  Ever sight, sound, and foggy smell was mine to enjoy.

Sometimes I forget on this healthy living that it’s not just all about the HEALTHY part but mostly about the LIVING.  I’ve gotten into the I have to do this for my health mode” instead of “I want to do this to live mode.”  I need to step back and see if I’m eating that zucchini because I love it or because I have to…If I’m running because I love it or because I have to…If I’m skipping the sweets because I love it or because I have to.

Because honestly for me it isn’t living if I can’t go and bake a chocolate zucchini cake with my friend today.  Sure I will have to adjust the sweeteners instead of sugar so it won’t make me sick…but gosh doesn’t that sound good.  And it isn’t living if I feel tied to the pool and can’t go blueberry picking with Hunni (more on this tomorrow) because I’ll miss my lap time.  I want to live and that is why I started this entire Healthy Living Journey to begin with.

Do you take time to enjoy your life instead of just living it?

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  1. 24/07/2010 1:20 PM

    For me the last three weeks have definitely been more about the “living” than the “healthy” as I’ve been traveling across the country. Sometimes you just have to make that choice and enjoy it then get back to the healthy part asap.

    • 24/07/2010 5:13 PM

      But I love that you have seen it as a fun part along the journey instead of freaking out about not being healthy. You post was great 🙂

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