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I Will NOT…!


  • Let the scale affect my day.  I’m not brave enough not to look at least once a day but I will not let the number on my home scale or Weight Watchers Scale determine my self-worth for the day.  I am beautiful in God’s image and a work in progress.
  • I will not let food be my comfort when all I really need is a long talk vent gripe session with Momma or any friend that will listen. 
  • I will not skip the pool or any workout just because I can’t “get a good workout in.”  Calories burned are calories burned and I’m doing my best so I can’t beat myself up for that.
  • I will not avoid my PT exercises like the plague just because I get bored of them.  They help me to heal faster and stay healthy longer.  Slacking ends me back in the PT office…and more importantly not running.
  • I will not isolate myself from friends even though distance makes it difficult.  I will call and support them in their good and bad times through the many different avenues at my disposal and let them do the same for me when I struggle.
  • I will not wear baggy clothes to hide my body from the weight I’ve gained and the loose skin I have.  I will enjoy the new shape I have now and that I am building through diligence to be proud of what I can accomplish instead of what miracles I could not perform.
  • I will enjoy food!  Not just eat what I have to in order to be healthy…or binge on food that makes me sick because I’m frustrated…I will enjoy the food that is in my life and spice it up if need be.

I will not become discouraged by the little ups and downs life keeps throwing my way.  I am loved and adored and a capable person.  I deserved to be happy and beating myself up is not accomplishing this.

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  1. ann rennie permalink
    20/07/2010 5:47 PM

    Hi hon
    Stick with the I wills not the I will nots You have come so far just keep remembering that stay positive and you will succeed See you Sat. Blessings Ann

    • 20/07/2010 7:45 PM

      Thanks Ann! This was reminding myself not to give into all those negative things that were running through my head. I have the I will post for tomorrow 🙂

  2. 20/07/2010 6:19 PM

    I love this post! 😀

    Keep up the awesome work girl! You’re a rockstar!!

  3. 20/07/2010 8:29 PM

    Keep up the great work! You are doing wonderfully!

  4. 20/07/2010 10:00 PM

    What a great list! You really are doing a great job.


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