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If the Crack Wrap Had a Love Child


Although this isn’t a food blog I love reading them.  They give me so many great ideas for different foods to try.  I make a list of all the ones I want to try but usually only cross off about 1/3 of them by the time I get around to them.  But I love having a ready list of new and tasty stuff to try when I get the time.

Today I had to take Hunni to a meeting around 10 and then I saw a sign for a farmer’s market.  I’ve seen the sign before when I’m in Vermont but it’s always on the days the farmer’s market isn’t actually running.  Today I hit the jackpot.  My normal farmer’s market is adequate but doesn’t have a large variety.  I miss my days in Spain with the HUGE farmer’s markets.  Well this one in Bennington, VT wasn’t big but it had a lot of variety.  I should have taken pictures but I had left my camera at home since this was a spontaneous trip.  I will remember it for next time.  But there were all sorts of things from local organic and gluten-free baked goods, quail eggs, fresh ground whole wheat flour and homemade soaps.  But two things really stuck out to me.

First was a Ginger cookie.  Nope no picture but trust me this thing was amazing and had a bite.  I love food that bites back.  It was super delicious and just made that morning.  But it must have been made with traditional sugar because about 20 minutes after I ate it while I was still exploring the wonderful goods and listening to the cool live music.  Thank God ginger is good for the tummy and it didn’t last long.  I told you this thing had a nice ginger bite.  I might need to add some sort of ginger cookie to my “to try” list.

But the other thing that struck my fancy was a great local cheese stand.  Heather over at HEAB has me constantly thinking about goat cheese lately.  I can’t really digest dairy that well so I’ve switched off cow’s milk in favor of Almond Milk and soy creamer for the most part.  But I’m a cheese head.  I need to borrow Jack Sh*t’s hat some day 🙂  *BTW if you have never checked out Jack’s blog DO SO NOW!  It finds the funny side of Weight Loss and makes me laugh so hard water has come out of my nose.*

So while I enjoy Daiya on a more regular basis I still have been eating some regular cow’s milk or the occasional sheep’s milk cheeses.  But the local cheese stand had this….

Goat's Milk Cheese!

My normal farmer’s market has chevre in many different flavors but I got aged goat’s milk cheese today from Consider Bardwell Farm.  Just the little taste was awesome so I bought 1/4 pound to try.  I also got some Chevre from a local Vermont Dairy called Polymadows Farms that also makes a Goat’s milk feta, Maple goat milk shake and regular goats milk.

Look at the happy goats.  Both farmers offered for me to come up and visit the farms.  I was so happy to get some great things to try to see if my stomach didn’t object like my normal cheeses.  And look at this great chunk of cheese…

Love the rind.

Reminds me so much of Manchego which is my favorite sheep’s milk cheese from Spain.  I could eat it all the time with fruit.  And that is actually what the farmer suggested I do with this one.  But I had a better idea.  Heather and Heather gave me great ideas for what to do with it today.

My Crack Wrap!

Mama Pea used to make what she called crack wraps pretty much everyday before she went vegan.  I never actually tried one back then but always drooled.  Then Heather at HEAB made one the other day using goat’s milk cheese and it got me thinking.  And then Heather at Hangry Pants made a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich yesterday.  I decided to see what would happen if these two sandwiches had a love child.  Enter the avocado goat cheese crack wrap. 🙂

The insides.

On a whole wheat tortilla I layered three thin slices of my Manchester Cheese, 1/4 fresh avocado and a good schmeer of garlic hummus.  Then I heated up the pan with olive oil spray…

Gotta love Gas ranges.

Just before it starts smoking (because smoking is bad) add in the rolled up tortilla to brown both sides and melt the cheese.  Ooey gooey melty.

Browning up.

As you can see by the first picture I was a bit impatient with the melty-ness and turned up the heat a bit too high trying to speed it so I could run out to a meeting.  But boy was it good anyway.  I’m going to have to be sparing with this cheese since I can’t get any more until next week unless I want to make a drive to Whole Foods and probably pay out the nose for some.  But it was so good and I’m glad I finally crossed “try the crack wrap” off my list.  Whitney may say Crack is Whack but this is so yummy…whack, crazy or not.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try some other things off my list since I have a free afternoon…after church of course 🙂

What is your favorite food you’ve tried from a food blog?

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  1. 18/07/2010 5:53 PM

    a couple bloggers got me onto Clif Bars which i love, and also grilling my wraps instead of having them as is.

    im going to be making a couple of blogger breakfasts soon, so im sure they will be on my list of fav blog food that ive tried 😛

  2. 18/07/2010 9:53 PM

    Yum! My dad lives in Burlington, VT – such a beautiful place. I’m glad you found that great farmer’s market find. I’m drawing a complete blank on food I’ve tried that I’ve seen on sites. As soon as I hit submit, I’ll remember!

    • 18/07/2010 9:59 PM

      Burlington is on our places to make a day trip. It is only about 2 hours from here and I hear that it is gorgeous!

  3. 18/07/2010 10:17 PM

    Oh, this looks good!! I love all wraps! I need to use avocado more in mine!

    • 18/07/2010 10:47 PM

      I love avocado in anything but it is a great mayo replacement for me.

  4. 19/07/2010 12:22 PM

    How do you end up using 1/4 of an avocado? What happens to the rest of it? Doesn’t it turn to a brown yucky mess?

    • 19/07/2010 12:47 PM

      If you leave the pit in the other half stays fine and I sprinkle lime juice on the pitless side. I end up using it later in the day or the next so it is fine.


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