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Most Important Meal of the Day


Yeah Momma said that phrase every day to me while I was going to school as I raced out the door and avoided her pleas to eat breakfast.

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“I don’t like breakfast foods.”

“Lunch is only at 4th period.”


Yep those were all excuses I used as I breezed past her to get on the bus.  What you can’t figure out (I totally tried to spell decifer but don’t know how :-/) that last one.  That’s teenager for, “I’m tired of saying the same thing every morning, and frankly just tired from staying up late, so I’m running out the door.”  So with the exception of an occasional pancake breakfast we won as a prize for some school contest I didn’t eat breakfast…EVER!

I really don’t think my stomach woke up until 11am.  And by then I was ravenous.  I would scarf down pizza and chicken nuggets and french fries at lunch.  I hope you watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  And if you remember the lunches those high school kids ate that was my lunch menu.  With the occasional salad bar thrown in when I “was trying to lose weight.”  And even then I’d load my tray with things like bacon, cheese, eggs, potato salad…you get the picture…all topped with a big scoop of blue cheese dressing.  Not the healthiest lunch.

And I kept these habits into college.  I would much rather roll out of bed 15 minutes before class and go in my PJ’s and sweat shirt with flip-flops than eat breakfast.  I mean come on I was eating late night “snacks” of wings, chili and pizza washed down with milkshakes as I worked as the manager of the snack shop and random trips to the local truck stop.

But when I decided to start getting healthy for some reason Momma’s words started ringing in my head.  Heck they started sounding like my head was in the bell as it was ringing.  It was so loud.  Everything I read about healthy eating (and I read a lot…I wanted to be knowledgeable) said you had to eat breakfast to start your metabolism for the day.

Oh boy…I didn’t think I could get up any earlier to eat before being at school to get ready to teach by 7.30am.  So I pre-made my breakfast the night before just like my lunch.  I was not sacrificing my extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning.  I would pack my milk and cereal or yogurt or oatmeal separately and eat it in the teacher’s lounge as my copies printed off for the day.  And surprise surprise I had more energy to deal with teenagers at 8 when home room started.

Seriously eating more in the morning helped me lose more weight than I had lost when I tried to do the dieting thing by just changing the meals I was eating.  I had energy for the day and I wasn’t starving the rest of the day. My energy was balance throughout the day.  And there was a whole new genre of food to try out.  This was great.

And now that I’ve been eating breakfast for over 5 years now I can’t go without it.  This morning I woke up late and had to rush out the door for PT but forgot to grab a Clif Zbar which is my go to if I’m in a hurry.  And let me tell you by the end of PT my stomach was complaining and gurgling because it was empty.  Okay I give…I remember I need to eat breakfast.  It is in fact the most important meal of the day.

Do you eat breakfast?  Have you always?

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  1. 16/07/2010 11:19 AM

    I love breakfast now and need big breakfasts to get through the day. I used to not eat much at all, especially in high school. It was usually chocolate milk or a small bowl of cereal.

    • 16/07/2010 2:02 PM

      I love your breakfast posts the most. You always make them seem so delicious that I want to try new things than the same old same old.

  2. 16/07/2010 12:30 PM

    I used to eat breakfast bars but those didn’t work so well. I can’t go without breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day

    • 16/07/2010 2:02 PM

      I can’t say its my favorite because it is usually so rushed but I definitely can’t go without it.

  3. 16/07/2010 2:52 PM

    I like your idea of pre-making your breakfast. I’ve heard that before for lunches but never breakfast. I find I eat when I first get up at 5:30 a.m. mostly out of habit but by the time I get to work at 7:30 a.m. I’m hungry again but don’t want to eat the extra calories on a second breakfast. Thinking about it, I’m not really hungry when I first get up. I bet if I packed my breakfast the night before and ate it at work it would work out perfectly. Thanks for the tip! Stephanie

  4. 16/07/2010 4:26 PM

    I always used to “excuse myself” from breakfast too, but I really paid for it come lunchtime when I was stuffing down two meal’s worth of food in a very short setting. Now I swear by at least a little something, but more often than not, oats or a green monster are in order!

    • 16/07/2010 4:41 PM

      Even if I don’t feel hungry a Green Monster or a bar helps take the edge off.

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