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Summer Squash Fun


Last week I bought some fun stuff at the farmer’s market and I got around to finally using it.  This week had just been weird and off.  We ordered out a few days and ate boring quick food like veggie burgers the other days.  But on Wednesday I got adventurous.  No recipe, no motivation, just grab a knife and go.

I decided to chop up one of our summer squash into rounds to start.

The little one if for today's lunch.

I love them but always forget what to do with them besides grill them.  So I just misted my frying pan with olive oil and peaked through my spice cabinet to find something fun to use.  Enter the clearance rack at Target…

Lemon Peel?

I’ve only ever had fresh lemon zest but this intrigued me and called my name from the clearance rack.  It smells like lemon so that sold me.  Into the pan with the rounds and oil.

Sizzle, Sizzle!

The smell really intensified ast the rounds browned up.  I also decided that it would be a pasta night since I haven’t had any in a while and it is quick to cook up while I thought up the rest of the recipe.  To the pantry I headed and found this beauty…

Scratch and dents section.

I loved that it already had the onions and garlic to save me a step from having to chop them myself.  I drained off some of the juice since I wanted it done quicker and didn’t have a ton of time to simmer and reduce.

Bubble, Bubble.

I drained off the pasta and decided I wanted something cheesy to add to the mix.  Enter my friend the goat cheese stage left.

Home made goat cheese.

I will admit that I used almost all of this since it was for the entire dish and then inhaled the rest because it was that good 🙂  I will be picking some of this up again this week because it was that good.  I told you it wouldn’t last to the sell by date. Put the lid back on to steam it all up nice and melty.  And voila you end up with a dish that I had to go back for seconds of.

Love the steam.

It was soooo good.  And yes I did take that bit of unmelted goat cheese for myself.  Hunni claims he doesn’t like goat cheese because it smells but mixed in he thought it was awesome and ate a ton.  This will be made again very shortly…perhaps for dinner tonight since market day is today 🙂

Do you cook without a recipe?

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  1. 04/07/2010 6:33 AM

    I rarely cook with a recipe! I like developing my own, and even if I do follow a recipe, I change it drastically. 🙂

    Glad you got to experiment and end up with a fantastic result! Goat cheese is SOOOO good!

    • 05/07/2010 3:39 PM

      I’ve learned that recipes are merely a guide and I have more fun when I change them.

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