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When I Was 17…


I’ll admit I’d addicted to reality TV and even some of the MTV reality shows…side note: when did MTV stop showing music videos except for a few hours a day… but anyway one of my new favorites is When I was 17.  I’ve learned that Jillian Michaels had poodle hair, Kevin Jonas was into skateboarding and Kourtney Kardashian can’t drive.  So fun…really to me it’s funny to find out the before they were stars stuff.

So I tried to imagine what my When I was 17 list would look like if I ever became famous.  Not like writing this little blog and being a pastor is going to make me famous but we can all dream…besides thinking about my 17th year of life was funny.

When I was 17…

I drove a boat otherwise known as a White Lincoln Town Car.

Not my actual car.

It was actually Momma’s car and I accidentally totaled my mom’s other car when I was 16 (totally not my fault…really ask Momma).  So we drove around this boat.  It gave me great practice at parallel parking for cities because if I could park the boat I could park anything.  Besides it held my friends really well so it was awesome.

I went camping 10 days before classes started and earned college credits.

Highlander Adventure.

They were the cheapest 2 credits I earned in all my college career.  I just had to read 2 books before the outdoor adventure, write a paper and go exploring.  We started with a ropes course that my school actually owned.  I did all sorts of stuff like jumping off a wobbly telephone pole to hit a bell.  Then we went hiking and clumsy me managed to twist my knee and ankle over a root within the first hour of the hike that was supposed to last 5 days.  Houston we have a problem.  Instead I got hiked out with a splint on my leg made out of a bed roll and repelling rope and jetted off to the ER.  The ER doc asked me all sorts of questions I couldn’t answer not because I had hit my head but because I had no watch or idea of what day it was.  It was all part of the experience.  But no major breaks.  I just had to spend the rest of the trip in a knee brace and air cast at base camp reading and occasionally hopping into my group to camp for the night.  And when they got to do the fun rock climbing and repelling I sat at the top of the rock face and took pictures.  Not what I expected but I still got an A and made great friends.  Most people were surprised I didn’t quit after the injury.  It also won me the distinction of being known as “the girl with the crutches” for the first 6 weeks of classes.  People didn’t know who I was when I finally was okayed to walk again.  Fun memories.

I went away to college and lived in the building on the hill.

Lambein Hall

As a home schooled kid I graduated a year early and ended up living in this awesome building on the 1st floor.  I could hope in and out of my window (not that I did) and the main entrance actually came in on the 4th floor and I had to go down the elevator to get to my room.  I spent all 4 years in this building.  Lambein girl for life.

I spent the entire week of finals for first semester of college in this building…

Campus Center

I can’t show you any pictures of the inside which had these cool platforms we all hung out on because they are GONE!  They stole them and replaced them with this fancy furniture.  But for a week this was our domain.  We had pillows, blankets, and lots of books and notes.  We studied for everything from Intro to Psychology to Western Ancient Civilizations.  There were nights of no sleep and lots of pizza from the down stair snack shop seconds before they closed.  Oh yeah and I remember the guys sneaking missions upstairs to the dining hall to “borrow” fruits and drinks for middle of the night snacks.  Such crazy memories.

I didn’t have an actual high school graduation. Being home schooled and all I didn’t have a real graduation.  I didn’t really care because I played for all the graduations in the bands and saw how hot the seniors were in their robes and sundresses underneath.  I didn’t really mind because I was too busy trying to stuff my life into suitcases and boxes to take to college in just 2 short months.  But I do remember something strange a girl said to me right before graduation…”I thought you were dead.”  Huh, What!?  I had stopped going to public school when I was hospitalized and then finished up my last 3 years in 2 through homeschooling so I could go to college.  So apparently the rumours got spread that I died when I was hospitalized.  How funny.

I learned the wonders of BJ’s shopping.

Oooo lots o stuff!

My mom had a BJ’s membership when I was a teen and I’d go with her to pick up snacks.  But it was her money.  I figured I’d buy snacks from the snack shop at school since I didn’t have a car.  Then I figured out it was a racket.  They charged way more than I would have to spend if I bought this stuff my self.  And to make it worse they bought it all at BJ’s.  So my mom gave me the second card on her account and I’d bribe friends to drive me to BJ’s so I could stock my closet shelves and under the bed with the stuff I wanted and let them use my card too.  So much cheaper and so much more junk food for me to eat.  No wonder I gained weight in college.

And just in case you were wondering what I looked like in college…

Visiting Home

I’m the girl in the stripes at the top.  My two friends and I on the right went home to visit for my church fair and we all hung out while we were there.  The girls on the bottom are good friends from church.  Love those people who were there for me.

So when I was 17 I did lots of nutty stuff and so much more than I can even remember.

What did you do when you were 17?

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  1. 02/07/2010 7:59 PM

    An outdoor class sounds awesome!

  2. 02/07/2010 8:54 PM

    I went camping the summer before college almost every weekend. I found out where I was going to college, excitedly checked the mail everysingleday.

    • 02/07/2010 10:48 PM

      I had never been camping prior to that experience right before college.

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