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I’m a Fish


This morning was a bit depressing.  I learned that my leg injury is well still injured.  Okay I knew this before my follow-up with the doctor this morning but I was kind of hoping it was all in my head and that it would magically be healed by this morning.  A girl can dream right?  You mean you don’t dream about injuries magically vanishing. But it was not to be.  Instead my doctor told me that it might not have just been a strain like we had hoped and that I might have actually torn my calf and hamstring.  So now I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor (maybe that crazy doctor I don’t like was right) so that I can get it checked out and possibly and MRI.  So it looks like I won’t be running any more races this year. 😦  Instead I’ll be spending lots of quality time with Boot Camp Steve 😀

So I needed to find another form of exercise so I didn’t turn into a lump on my couch with ice on my leg.  And unfortunately it hurts to just walk or ride a bike so there isn’t much of a workout to be had.  But I had a free one week trial to our local Y that just had a recent makeover.  Perfect time to try a new gym when you can’t workout right?  Actually it was perfect…I got to play cone head…

Loving the bald look.

You’d think from the fact that I own a professional swim cap and suit I was a good swimmer…kind of like I had done it in High School or something right.  Nope!  I have the entire get-up from the last time I couldn’t even walk on a treadmill…ie my back problems.  And the gear still fits.

Yes I wear shorts.

To prove I’m really not a professional I ear shorts with my suit.  I always have.  But I was looking to at least get in some sort of workout so I suited up and hoofed it over to the pool for Lap Swim hoping that I could actually swim even with a messed up leg.  Confession I don’t actually know how to swim by putting my face in the water…I’m scared of the bubbles as they come out of my nose. But to prove I was there to workout I work my Heart Rate Monitor.

Notice the chest strap.

Apparently I’m not a vampire like I suggested on Twitter.  I thought my precious pink HRM was dead or I was because it kept reading 00 when I put it on.  But after some great suggestions from my friends I restored my heartbeat.  Yeah I’m alive!  It was kind of fun to see my watch work in the water.  I could actually hear it beep when I wasn’t swimming hard enough.  I did about 20 minutes of swimming using a kick board most of the time.  But I felt great getting a workout in.

And maybe one of the most fun things about getting in some swimming was I finally found a use for these…

Croc Ballet slippers.

I actually bought them for my wedding since I couldn’t wear heels with my back problems I was trying out all sorts of shoes.  My friend had these in black so I thought they would be cute and supportive…I mean nurses wear crocs right?  Or is that just gardeners and Italian Iron Chefs…

Iron Chef Batalli!

Well they are super comfortable but my feet get pretty sweaty and we got married in June.  They would have squeaked if I wore them on any day let alone under a huge wedding dress.  So these shoes got packed away for some Hush Puppies.  But Now they have a purpose.  Gym showers are nasty so I am using them for my pool shoes.  They have these cool little holes at the back that allow all the water to drain out and dry super fast…until I sweat to death in them.

So just call me a fish for now.  I’m not a runner for the time being…or maybe I’m just a runner with an injury.  But swimming is supposed to be great cross-training so I’m up for it for now.  Ask me later when the snow hits if I’m keeping it up.  But for now its a fish called Cynthia 🙂

Do you like swimming for exercise?

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  1. 26/06/2010 3:24 PM

    That’s a total bummer about your leg! 😦

    I always wear shorts too. I’m just not that comfortable with my thighs yet. Someday!

    Enjoy the pool!

    • 26/06/2010 7:48 PM

      Thanks for the good thoughts. I have scars I don’t like to show off so I wear shorts.

  2. 26/06/2010 4:56 PM

    I so wish I had a place to swim at. I’m not very good at it, but I’d love to have someone teach me some skill so I could swim laps.

    • 26/06/2010 7:48 PM

      I’m pretty lucky. I just wish I had someone to ask to teach me to swim with my face in the water. I’m scared of it.


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