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Cleaning House


By now you know I’m a huge list person.  And one of the things that’s on my “When I have the time” to-do list is clean up my email in boxes.  I tend to save emails if I need to re-read them but then never delete them once I’m done with them.  I just forget as the onslaught of new emails come in.  So I have emails that date back to July 2008 when we arrived here.  (I’d have more if they hadn’t wiped out my emails from seminary when we were ordained.)

I’m kind of like an email pack rat and it drives me nuts when I go back and try to find an important email for reference.  So today I created file folders for all the stuff I needed to archive and got to work.  It took almost 4 hours after work (and my nap to catch up on sleep I didn’t get during traveling for vacation and since we got back).  My inbox is almost empty.  There are still a few emails I need to follow-up on but I love the look of not having over 500+ emails just sitting there.  I even found old emails I forgot I had received from old friends and may or may not have responded too.

I’m thinking that taking this big step will help keep me in line for the future to make sure I stay on top of my inbox.  My Gmail account is usually pretty good since Kath taught me about the lovely Send and Archive Feature in her NERD KERF tutorials.  I try to keep that in box clean so I don’t get overwhelmed with it and ignore it.  Now that I can actually see my emails and have a place for the ones I want to save I’ll do better staying on top of it.

I kind of had to do the same thing my food.  I have to keep a list of what food I have and the quick recipes I can make with them so I don’t fall back to take out or prepackaged stuff which I have done in the past.  I’m also learning to plan ahead and have meals on hand so that I dont’ get bored or flustered.  I know I’ve said this before but I’m doing a lot better at this lately with great recipes that I’ve found and a full freezer.  Now I just need to get back into my menu planning so I have an idea already planned and the ingredients on hand.  That has been the hardest since getting back from vacation.

And honestly I’ve been cleaning house with my fitness.  I know I’m dealing with an injury that makes me avoid working out right now.  I’m a go big or go home kind of girl.  And I’m frustrated that I can’t get in a great workout with my knee (hamstring) complaining after 15 to 20 minutes.  But instead of getting annoyed with the situation and just avoiding it all together I’ve broken it up.  Kind of like my folders to organize the emails I’ve made sure to get in several little spurts of activity like some yoga poses at night that my leg can handle, walking the dogs, and getting to the gym for my 15 to 20 minutes with a book so I don’t mind the slower speed on the treadmill.

So these little things are coming off the “if I feel like it” to-do list instead of just keep pushing them off.  It is so easy for me to say “If I eat out at least I don’t have to cook and can get what I want.” And “I can’t get in a great workout so I’ll just rest my knee on ice tonight.”  I don’t want the excuse machine in my head to keep pushing it to the next day and next day.

And hopefully tomorrow Boot Camp Steve will have better idea of what to do with my knee.

What kinds of things do you need to stop putting off?

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