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Old School Fun


Hunni and I decided the vacation was a great time to have some old school fun.  I already mentioned that I gave Hunni the tour of Philly on Wednesday.  He had a blast and wanted his picture taken with everything.  It was his own field trip that he never got since he went to school in Florida and Ohio.  And I obliged as the standard photographer in the family.  I swear I was there but you couldn’t tell by the pictures 🙂

Independence Hall Court Room.

Where our country came to be. (Independence Hall)

Ye old Liberty Bell.

Ben Franklin's Grave

I was not about to pay $5 to walk around looking at graves no matter how much Hunni begged.  We could see just fine through the fence and I only go to graves for funerals.  I’m sure Ben didn’t mind one bit.

At the pulpit in the Quaker Meeting House.

Hunni really wanted this picture and asked the tour guy if we could go behind the rope to take the picture at the “pulpit.”  He got a 10 minute speech about how it isn’t really a pulpit since the Quakers don’t have ministers…they just sit in silence until God speaks to someone and they speak up.  The podium was there because they had a High School Graduation there that weekend.  Hunni didn’t care and still wanted his picture for fun.  I’m just glad the guy didn’t ask what we did because it would have been awkward to explain that we are ministers and that is why he wanted the picture.  We are definitely not silent in church…anything but.  We thanked him kindly after the picture and left a donation.

There were also the weird pictures that Hunni wanted me to take like this one…

It says "Toilets"

He thought it was so proper and asked if there were sinks in there too to wash your hands.  And he wanted me to take a picture of this one…

Quaker Quilt

He said it was really pretty and told me to take a picture to remind myself of the pretty things I make.  It was fun to look at all the vintage fabrics and see some of the squares that I’ve actually made for quilts.

While Hunni enjoyed his fun looking at history in Philly, I enjoyed some fun reliving some history of my own.  Going to Momma’s is always weird since it is near all the stuff I grew up with but isn’t really part of my life anymore.  The drive down to Momma’s house always drives us past one of my favorite places on the planet…

Grocery Heaven!

I never knew this was here when I was growing up.  I had my first experience with Wegmans when I was in college and instantly fell in love with the great selection and wonderful prices.  I loved driving to Rochester to get special groceries when I was going to the mall.  So it was a treat to see this one and browse the aisles for all the fun stuff we don’t get where I live.  I got a good bit of fun stuff treats that wouldn’t go bad.

Wonderful chocolate goodies that were so fun to relive childhood memories and cool biscotti that reminded me of all the wonderful tea I used to drink.  I love to dip biscotti in my tea.  It was fun to have treats from my past.  Kinder is my favorite childhood memory.  They make an egg-shaped one and it had a toy in it.  I collected those little toys as a kid.

I also hit up IKEA.  I love that styling and the great prices.  And the best part of IKEA is the food court.  The food is spectacular and reminded me of all the goodies I ate in Europe.  Fun stuff that I could try to force let Hunni try to see that extra sugar isn’t necessary for good food.

O how I wish we had an IKEA closer.  Hunni devoured those cookies in the background of the coffee and I savored the ginger cookies.  And the best part is because the ingredients list was so wonderful I didn’t get sick!  I should buy a case of IKEA sweets…well maybe not since I would eat them all very quickly and then get sick from over eating.  But I’m really looking forward to drinking the coffee after I make some this week.  I just need to buy some creamer.

And Hunni and I got to relive one more thing from our history thing this weekend.  It wasn’t national history or food history…it was childhood history.  We got back on Saturday night so we could lead church on Sunday.  And we also used it to celebrate our anniversary.  There was no way anything fun was happening on Monday, our actual anniversary.  Too many meetings and requirements that we barely had a chance to breathe.  So Sunday we made the decision to be kids again and go to the movies to see…

Best Movie Ever!

I remember going to the first one and loving it.  I remember the second one being a great story too.  So Hunni and I were super excited to see the third installment.  One of our friends took his 7 year old twins to the midnight showing since the did a great job in school this year as a surprise….he’s such a cool dad.  We decided to see it in IMAX just because it was our anniversary.  I laughed, I cried, I think I annoyed the college boys sitting in front of us 😀  I was glad we weren’t the only people without kids there to watch it.  It was totally awesome and worth every tear and the extra 20 bucks I shelled out to see in IMAX (although I think it would have been just as good without the funny glasses).  The perfect ending to a tale I love and grew up with.  Spanish Buzz is hilarious and made me laugh the most…reminded me of the flamenco clubs I went to while in Spain.  But that’s a story for another day.

Hunni and I even had our own little attempt at a secret rescue mission when I dropped my debit card down the deep dark hole at dinner….

The floor.

It flew out of my purse while I was answering the phone and ended up between the bench and the wall.  We couldn’t get it out.  We lost two menus and almost lost a knife trying to fish it out.  Hunni didn’t want to ask the waitress for help so he kept putting things down there to rescue the escaping card.  He even suggested we leave it there and just get a new one so he wouldn’t have to bother the people sitting in the next booth.  I convinced him this was NOT an option and finally we had to ask the waitress for help and she got the guy sitting behind us to get up so they could move the bench and rescue my card.  And to thank the waitress for her kind help we left her a great tip.  She was so sweet and I think it brought a bit of excitement to a boring Sunday night in an almost empty restaurant.

Fun week full of adventure but it’s never boring with us.  I think that’s why I married Hunni.  He keeps me on my toes and we just enjoy life.

What are some things you enjoy from your past?

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  1. 22/06/2010 5:43 PM

    It looks like you guys had a great time! I would have had a small heart attack if I lost my debit card behind a booth!

    As far as what I like from my past…I just love it when a smell or a song or something small will trigger a memory. It just kind of makes me smile!

    • 22/06/2010 6:22 PM

      I love the little triggers that make me smile. Fun stuff to bring back memories that you didn’t even know you had.

  2. 22/06/2010 8:40 PM

    How fun! He is so cute standing in front of all the tourist attractions! I’ve never been there but sure would like to visit. Thanks for sharing your day with us!


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