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Happy Anniversary + Goals


Today is my anniversary…the anniversary of the day I married this wonderful man…

Don't we look happy.

I can’t believe it has already been 2 years…some days it feels like it has been a life-time and some days it feels like it has flashed by.  But it has been a blast and I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

Vacation is always crazy and always around our anniversary.  In The Salvation Army lots of people meet in seminary, fall in love, and plan their weddings for right after our ordination services.  Yeah we were one of those crazy people who finished up school one week, got ordained on Sunday and married the following Saturday.  It was a fun time trying to plan a wedding while studying for finals all while dealing with a major back injury.  Thank God I made it through.  And for the past two years we have shared our wedding anniversary weekend with other friends going through the same thing…minus the back injury.  Last year we went to two weddings and this year we did the same.  It is fun to remember our time of craziness and happiness as we share in theirs.  My good friend Monica had her anniversary yesterday and we kind of used it as our own for celebrating (by ourselves not with them…they live in Georgia) since today it was back to the grindstone with a day full of meetings and running errands that didn’t get done the entire week we were on vacation.  But we had a blast.  I’ll post more about our fun day tomorrow.  For now I’m just saying Happy Anniversary Hunni…it’s been a great two years…lets keep it up.

It is also a blogging anniversary of sorts for me at It All Changes.  I’m in the crowd of starting a blog and then leaving by the wayside and then starting another and another.  And in April of 2009 I started this one as a journal of sorts never expecting anyone to read it really.  It was a challenge a few friends gave me to journal for a month.  I’m a bit better with technology than pen and paper so I started ANOTHER blog.  I did it for  the month of April in a journal/food blog sort of format but never got into it.

But then in June actually on our anniversary I realized I needed an outlet.  I was brainstorming how to turn It All Changes into to something I would want to write just as much as I wanted to read the blogs I had become addicted to.  So I tried a few things out and rambled on and played with the set up of the blog.  I was discovering what I liked to write about.  And through that process that started on my actual anniversary I came up with the fun stuff you are reading now (it is fun right?).

So I don’t really have a blogging anniversary…March doesn’t count for me and even though I didn’t start blogging steadily until July 6 I thought I’d claim my wedding anniversary as my blogging anniversary.  Let’s face it I’m not great at remembering dates sometimes and this way it keeps it easy to remember for me.  So I’m taking a personal celebration for sticking with blogging for a year now and enjoying the thing this blog has become.  And thank you all for reading.  I never thought anyone else would like to listen to me ramble but I enjoy reading your comments and keep plugging along.  It’s a blast!

Now onto the goals…

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Eat within my healthy habits. I did it!  I knew one wedding didn’t have a vegetarian option so I discreetly brought my own salad from the WEGMAN’S salad bar (love that place) to eat.  The wedding was very relaxed so no one really noticed.  And we packed so many good healthy options for food.  I didn’t drink as much water as I should have but I only had stomach troubles one when I accidentally ordered a soup that had bacon in it at a great restaurant in the Finger Lakes.  I guess that is my body’s way of confirming to me that I really am a vegetarian whether I like it or not.
  • Relax! No real work was done…and that is a big accomplishment.  Only the stuff I absolute had to do.  And we explored and slept and walked the dogs and just hung out.  I did have a night mare of what would be left for us when we returned to the office but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  So relaxing helped me handle the stress that is coming the rest of this summer.
  • Get in some activity. No official workouts happened.  But I walked my butt off…is that kind of like that new show Dance your A$$ off.  Walks around Nyack, Philly and Camp were a blast.  And I enjoy the healthy dose of vitamin D.  Although the walks really did help me realize my knee is jacked up and Boot Camp Steve and I will be needing to have a long discussion about what we are doing because he told me walking shouldn’t hurt and boy did it.
  • Weddings! Two great days with two great couples.  I love them both dearly and was so happy to spend time with them as they celebrated.  It’s amazing how different they were but yet so perfectly them.  And the thunderstorm that rolled in right as my friends Jessica and Jon-Erik were pronounced Man and Wife was perfect.  It gave us all a great jolt of energy as we bolted from the outdoor ceremony indoors to the appetizer hour (we don’t drink alcohol in The Salvation Army so no cocktails were had).  The bride loves thunderstorms so it was fun for her…we used to watch them for fun.
  • Come back ready roll. Vacation was great and we got some relaxing in but I’m ready to be back to work.  Not being in the office on my schedule (at least the loose schedule we have) was strange.  We needed the break but we have a ton to do.  And I’m happy to be refreshed and ready to get going with all the craziness the summer brings.  Ready or not here we go!

This Week’s Goals:

  • Figure out the knee. Boot Camp Steve told me to rest and ice the knee this week but the plans wer had for doing things like exploring Philly and walking around camp were fine and I should have no problems.  Big fat negatory on that one.  I’m in pain and the swelling has returned.  Considering Thursday is my last approved PT session we are in for some trouble.  I can’t even walk normal right now so we need a new plan.  Hopefully it just involves some more therapy and not a knife cutting me open.  We’ll see because this is really annoying now.  Injuries suck!
  • Finish planning the summer. We have lots of stuff planned for the summer but I don’t have a ton of details on it.  Hunni did a lot of basic planning but I need an outline or update of where we stand.  I need a schedule to follow even if it is a loose one.  We have a pow-wow scheduled for tonight to hash some of this stuff out so I’m pretty calm and ready to face it head on.  And he promised me we would get at least one more vacation in this summer to see some friends since it is use it or lose it and I’m not losing it this year…the vacation or my mind.
  • Menu planning. After I get some more work done this afternoon there will be a trip to the grocery.  I’m only going to buy the fresh stuff we ate up before leaving and try to be creative with the stuff I have in the pantry.  I think three cans of refried beans is excessive and I need to thin out the stash.  I see lots of fun and interesting ideas in our future that might end up on the blog.  But I need to has them out so I have a plan instead of flying by the seat of my pants.  That never works because I usually end up flying to take out or a restaurant out of frustration.
  • Get some new books. Hunni and I devoured the book on CD we checked out on the first half of our trip and were left with random radio in Western NY for the rest.  I need a new book on CD and a new paper book to immerse myself in during the little free time I have now that all my shows are finished.  I’m thinking I need something light after two pretty heavy books the last time (My Antonia and The American Wife).  A good bit of fluff is fun every now and then.
  • Quilting. Hunni and I are tentatively planning to spend some time down south with friends this fall for our last bit of vacation.  The only problem is this trip requires three quilts.  Not for me and Hunni or even the puppers but for the people we are visiting.  Two are wedding gifts from last years weddings (sorry girls) and one is a baby quilt for one of those friends.  But after seeing how quickly I can push through and do them and how relaxing it is on a Saturday afternoon (or heck even a Monday night while Hunni watches wrestling) I’m excited to sew my fingers off.  I also want to schedule my quilting date with Chelle at Little House on the Great Flats to finish up her masterpiece.  She is doing so well and I must want to hang out where some quilting may or may not get accomplished 😀

I’ve got a ton going on but I’m glad to be back to the craziness that is my life.  It keeps changing and I”m getting used to it…finally.  I just dont’ want it to change too much too soon in the forseeable future.  But then again I have no control because it is my ever-changing life after all.

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  1. 21/06/2010 9:19 PM

    Happy Anniversary!!! It sounds like you had a great week!

    I love that you set goals for the week…I should try that sometime! I think it’s a great idea!

    • 21/06/2010 9:20 PM

      Thanks! It really helps me focus for the week and then I make little daily lists for myself.

  2. 21/06/2010 9:52 PM

    Happy Anniversary! It is so great to be married to just the right person. I love the picture of you and your hubby.

  3. 22/06/2010 9:50 AM

    Happy (late) anniversary! Beautiful picture 😉

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