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Through His Eyes


Yesterday was Philly day.  I grew up just outside a the city…just a quick 20 minute ride right into the heart of Philly and all the history it holds.  As a kid I really appreciate it as much because from grades 5-graduation (the time I lived there) that was almost every field trip.  “Guess what kids we are going on a tour of Philadelphia again.”  Hunni asked me if I appreciated where I grew up and to be honest I didn’t really.  I had seen the Liberty Bell a million times and walked through Independence Hall on the tour about a million and one.  And don’t even get me started about the Franklin Institute.  I walked through that huge heard and ate space man ice cream in the IMAX all the time.  So I didn’t really appreciate it.  Yeah I may have been a bit of a brat because they were mine and right there.  I didn’t have to get too excited.  NYC, DC, Boston, and Baltimore…now those were things to get excited about.

But Hunni grew up almost everywhere but the East Coast.  He’d never been to Philly so this was request for this trip.  And I got to play tour guide.  I got to show him all the stuff that I had long since forgotten about unless I looked at my little kid face in field trip t-shirts in front of the Liberty Bell.  ANd his eyes were huge as he looked at all of these things that I had just grown so accustomed to seeing.  I guess I was kind of hardened to the idea of what Philly could show me that I hadn’t already seen.  We saw it all…okay not all because my knee started acting up for no reason (must remember to tell Boot Camp Steve on Monday) and I had fun telling him all the stories of the way it was as a kid growing up so close to all this stuff.

And the thing is that I learned even more than I thought I already knew on this trip.  First of all they gave Philly a make-over lately…upgrading all the sites, building some new ones and a pretty spiffy information center that made the looking around easier.  And the tour guides were way better than I remember as a kid…like they actually knew their stuff instead of trying to get a group of 5th graders to tell them the history we had spent all year learning.  And it was actually fun to be a tourist in Philly again even if there were an overabundance of school field trips from up and down the eastern seaboard visiting yesterday.

I guess I had become jaded to what I was so lucky to have as a kid because it was right there in front of me and forgot to enjoy it.  And some days I get that way with weight loss and maintenance.  “Oh yeah I know how many points are in that.”  “I don’t need to exercise today, or tomorrow, or this week because I’m doing so well.”  “Sure that looks like a serving.”  And the list goes on and on of things that I just get STUCK with in my weight loss because I’ve become so accustomed to them.  That’s why I tend to eat the same things every day for breakfast and lunch…I forget the many options that are out there until I do a breakfast challenge to myself.  And I LOVE running and know that it works so I forget to cross train and end up in PT again.  And I don’t weight lift because I didn’t have the results I wanted last time so don’t see the point.  I just get so comfortable in what “works” that I don’t keep thinking and enjoying this lifestyle.

But I’ve really tried to change this lately.  After realizing how important strength training has been to my fitness I’m adding it back in…slowly this time…so I can eventually see the benefits and not get injured.  I’m taking more care of what I eat instead of just guessing and being disappointed that I ate too much.  I’m exploring the wonderful world of cross training by trying out a new gym when I get home so I don’t run myself into the ground or back into PT.  I even ate my favorite Philly cheese steak made with Seitan and it was really good.  And now I can officially say “I ate Seitan!”  I just better not say it in church on Sunday 🙂

Sometimes we  I need to look at this whole Weight Loss and Maintenance thing through the eyes of someone who hasn’t been doing it as long as I have.  We need to look at it and say what fun and new adventures can we get out of this.  Enjoy new recipes, try new foods and exercise and just remember that life is supposed to be fun even if it is a healthy one.

Have you seen some things differently lately?

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  1. Jenna permalink
    17/06/2010 9:04 AM

    Glad you mentioned the cheesesteak at the end…that’s the mandatory in Philly!!! Hopefully you had a soft pretzel (or two) and maybe some Rita’s as well!!!

    • 17/06/2010 9:27 AM

      Hunni had the soft pretzel and we are grabbing ritas on our way out. He was so excited for the pretzel. And my mom makes us cheese steaks every time we come down. Next time we’ll have to get together.

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