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Meet My Friend George


I have a friend George who is very popular in my house…I love him and so does Hunni.  He’d like to say hello…


Yes our friend George is a George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine.  But he isn’t your typical grill you find in most dorm rooms and 1st apartments….no he has several removable plates that can be used from anything such as the traditional grill to a high-tech waffle maker.

George was one of the best wedding gifts we received and the most used next to our GPS Nuvi.

Typically George is in grill mode.  We used to grill all our meats on the grill and when Hunni is in a meat mode he still uses George for good old chicken, burgers or sausage.  We have a porch but no traditional grill so George is a great substitution of the summer feel of burgers.  Lately though the only burger George has been seeing are our home-made (and sometimes store-bought) bean burgers.  The other day we had Herbed White Bean burgers.

Smooshed but good.

I should have let them chill a little longer in the fridge but I was hungry and my arm was starting to look tasty.  But I like the browning and grill marks George gives as long as I make sure to spay him down with this before hand…

Olive oil Mr. Misto.

Usually we use flat buns like Arnold Sandwich Thins or Bagel Thins but Hunni misunderstood when I sent him out so we ended up with thin sliced bread.  It worked but wasn’t as burger bun like.

Burger and veg.

My burger toppings are pretty simple but we have our own personal McSteamy for the veg.  He likes to show off.

Glad Steam Bags

Frozen veggies and a little garlic salt in the microwave for 6 minutes while the burgers cook is perfect for a great side dish.

George also helps with the quesadillas and wraps in this house.  Helps get rid of some of those cans of beans and refried beans that I have stock piled.

But sometimes George gets jealous of McSteamy and tries to be McSteamy himself. Waffles gives him the perfect opportunity.

Can you see the steam?

Mix up some buckwheat pancakes and pour into the sprayed waffle iron George has transformed himself into.

Kind of messy.

Let him show off and steam away until he’s done.  And then lift to the wonders of a nicely browned waffle….or two.

Hot off the press.

Add a little real maple syrup and agave and it is delicious.  Hunni likes to make a PB and syrup sandwich or wrap his chicken sausage up in it.  Whatever it is waffles are a great quick meal…and we usually make them vegan 🙂

So George is a great friend and we usually couldn’t do dinner without him.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

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  1. 16/06/2010 9:00 AM

    Wow….the Foreman grill does a lot more than it did when I owned one! The removable plates are neat! I haven’t had one since college, but I might need to get a new one!

    • 16/06/2010 9:15 AM

      WHen we were registering I wanted a waffle iron and then I saw this. All the plates sold me. And they are so worth it.

  2. 16/06/2010 10:14 AM

    George is one sexy red machine! 🙂

    I never thought of grilling a burrito on the George. I’ll have to do that!

    My favorite kitchen gadget has to be my Magic Bullet. It’s great for smoothies and grinding up Fiber One cereal for Hungry Girl’s Lord of the Onion Rings. The Magic Bullet informercial is one of my faves and I watch it anytime it is on. (Oh the joys of working 3rd shift!) I’m still discovering the amazing things it can do. 😀

    • 17/06/2010 7:46 AM

      Yes he is!

      I get insomnia really bad sometimes and I watch that magic bullet one a lot. I really should get one but I’m holding out for a money tree to buy a vitamix. 🙂


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