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Vacation + Goals


It’s Vacation Time!  It starts today!  We are officially in PA by the time you read this.  We left Sunday afternoon after a mad dash to pack.  I hate last-minute packing and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something which will require a trip to TARGET…not that I mind.  🙂  But it is nothing but relaxing for a week.

Okay that’s a lie…we are on the go all week.  Today we are actually heading up to NY so I can deliver Julie’s quilt to her and see some friends and heading back to Hotel Momma for the night.  Then Tuesday we have a wedding for two great friends…I’m super excited to see them get married especially since they live in Hartford, Ct and we can see them every once and a while for fun times.

Wednesday is actually going to be relaxing.  Hunni and I are going to randomly wander the streets of Philadelphia chilling and seeing some of the historical things he’s never seen and I’ve seen a million times.  And I want to go to Chinatown and get bubble tea and some great chinese pottery 🙂  I need some for a gift for another friend.  And for dinner Momma is serving cheesesteaks…mine will be made with portabella mushrooms so I guess it is more like a cheese-shroom? 😀

Thursday we hit the road again to head to Camp Long Point in NY where some friends are getting married on Saturday.  It’s a kids camp and my friend lives there as the assistant to we are staying with her and just enjoying the few days before the wedding.  There will be wet butts from kayaking, strong legs from walking around the corn fields and lots for great conversation over fun foods.  I love Melissa and I’m looking forward to spending time on her turf and just hanging out with her.  The wedding is Saturday afternoon and we have to cut out of reception a bit early so we can drive home and be ready for church on Sunday.

I’m going to be dead tired but great friends are worth it.  They really are!  But I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation.  And there is no rest for the weary when we get back because work will be calling our names.  But if it is even just for a week I’m looking forward to getting the heck out of dodge and not doing work.  Vacation AHOY!

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Pack, Pack, Pack. Okay so maybe it wasn’t completely packed before Sunday but I had a list and it went quick, quick, quick.  And we did get to the library to get a book on tape … uh CD… for all the traveling we would be doing.  And there is the necessities plus the fun stuff too like swimming stuff and all the gifts.
  • Eat up perishables. Our fridge looks like a ghost town.  I purposely didn’t buy anymore fresh stuff although it killed me to have no yogurt or real fruit this week.  I did end up buying some fresh fruit for snacks while driving that I ate a bit ahead of time.  And I purposely ate out for veggies like a salad and stuff so that I could enjoy them without buying them and having them go bad.  But man my grocery bill is going to be out of whack next week when we have to buy all sorts of fruits and veg as well as milk and stuff.  But I’ve planned for that…so I just won’t open the fridge and look until after I go grocery shopping so I don’t freak out.
  • Pre-plan travel meals. Lunch was eaten before we left on Sunday…and dinner was Panera since it is quick in and out…the puppers don’t like waiting.  We had plenty of fun stuff to pack as many traveling meals as possible so we don’t break the bank on food alone.  Banana and almond butter sandwiches are going to by my saving grace this week.
  • Plan for workouts. The workout clothes are packed and we have a loose schedule of walks and stuff and kayaking and the like.  I’m not sure it will all happen but I also packed my weights so I can do the strength training stuff Boot Camp Steve is expecting.  And the hills at camp are massive so I will be working my legs really well while walking around for fun.
  • Get in my normal eating, exercising, schedule. I went to PT and then everything was crazy.  The rain was nuts and drove me nuts.  I did make it to the gym on Wednesday and got in cardio and the strength training.  I did have a slight over eating problem when some stress hit but I owned up to it so I’m proud of that and didn’t let it get out of control. But in good news my knee is pretty rested and I’m ready to train…gently.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Eat within my healthy habits. Momma is helping with this while we are at her house since she bought a ton of food I can eat.  And Melissa is a vegetarian too so that will help a bit.  But I need to be vigilant at the weddings and while traveling since I don’t have a ton of control over food.  Thank God for pre packing some stuff to take.
  • Relax! Frankie says Relax right?  I’m going to try.  I have a fun chick lit book to bring with me.  And I plan of walking just to have fun.  And Hunni and I planned to not do any work this week unless it is absolutely necessary (like ordering from the food bank and sermon prep).  Other than that I want to be cool as a cucumber and not stress all week.
  • Get in some activity. Notice I said activity and not workouts.  I want some true workouts but I’ll settle for a lot of walking and activities like kayaking.  Something is better than nothing…I just need to enjoy my time and not worry about getting in specific mileage or exercises.
  • Weddings! That is the main goal of this vacation and why we are traveling so much.  We want to enjoy the celebrations with friends who joined us in our celebrations.  We got some fun gifts for the couples that fit them and I’m just excited to share in the happiest days of their lives.  Congrats Kevin & Kelley and Jon-Erik & Jessica.  You are truly blessed.
  • Come back ready roll. We have a week full of meetings and then Vacation Bible School when we get back so I need to enjoy my time away but come back with the mindset that vacation is over and work begins.  There is no time to switch so I need to just be ready.

Ready Set Vacation!  I’m hoping my posts are ready for the next few days.

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  1. trumanmeg permalink
    14/06/2010 7:04 AM

    Awww Cynthia! I’m sure I won’t be talking to you much this week, but have a great time. It sounds like you have some great adventures planned! Enjoy!

    • 14/06/2010 2:30 PM

      Thanks Meg. I’m going to try and get online once a day real quick. But I want to enjoy the few days I have off.

  2. 14/06/2010 10:37 PM

    Have a fabulous time! It does sound like you are going to be busy, but a good kind of busy!

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