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Oh the things you find


*Yesterday was crazy so no post for you.  But I’m back so enjoy some more random musings*

Funny how when you write a little confession about your food shopping habits it gets you to start thinking about what may be lurking behind cupboard doors.  I used to keep a running list of everything I had on hand so I could make recipes but it was a pain to keep up with.  So normally I just glance at our shelves while making menus to think of the recipes that require me to purchase the fewest new ingredients…although we all know the unnecessary always sneaks into the grocery cart.  So I thought I had a fair handle on what I had in my food stores until I dug a little deeper.  I was amazed at what I found.

Let’s explore the freezer first.  I was putting homemade black bean burgers away when I spied this….

Yes!  Two random ziplock bags containing who knows what.  Sure they are convenient for storage but smarty pants me forgot to label the bags before tossing them into the freezer.  So lets see what we have in the bags.

Inside bag number one with have a veggie patty I made that I still have not posted the recipe for.  Bad Cynthia…I just keep forgetting.  Kind of like I forgot te veggie patty.  And no it’s not moldy.  I threw it in there when they were still wet and ice crystals formed.  This will be eaten up this week on top of a lovely random salad.  And in bag number two-week have ramps from the farmers market.  Now I don’t know if you can freeze ramps but I didn’t want them to go bad while I searched for a recipe that didn’t involve some sort of bacon.  We’ll know if it worked as soon as I find a recipe.

Speaking of bacon I quickly discovered I had not one but two things of turkey bacon.

I used to love the flavor this stuff added to my recipes prior to my veggie days.  Now I don’t know what to do with it.  Hunni won’t eat it alone and I don’t know anyone who wants it.  Perhaps I’ll pack it up in a cooler when we go visit Momma in a few weeks so she can use it up.  We also have a bit of other random meats that Hunni is slowly eating through when he gets tired of beans.

Other lovely random contents of my freezer include all the fixings for a green monster minus the green.

There are bananas under there but they look quite ugly because I didn’t know the peel-before-you-freeze trick so I’ll leave them hidden.

I also have pizza dough and Fillo that I bought for recipes and have taken up residence in my freezer for some time.  I need to dig them out for recipes soon.  Perhaps a homemade calzone and some sort of pot pie if only it wasn’t so darn hot lately.

A few other random fruits are lurking around my freezer like fresh figs that aren’t so fresh and an avocado that I need to thaw and use on my salad.

My pantry isn’t much better.  Look at all the randomness I found there.

Little bits of this and that.  Things bought for recipes…things bought on sale…things bought just because. Apparently I’m on a mexican kick with the bean dip and refried beans and enchilada sauce.

I also end up with doubles of lots of stuff because I buy one and forget so I buy more.

My favorite add in.

And some doubles are no good for the newly vegetarian me…and the non-chef Hunni…

These may also make the trip to Momma’s since they are just collecting dust in our cabinet.  Hunni hates tuna with a passion…I don’t know what Charlie or Mr. Bee did to him and he doesn’t know how to use chicken that wasn’t frozen at one time like this bit we have in the freezer…

Tastes just like chicken.

In addition to all the twins I have of different foods I even have some triplets.  Good God woman stop shopping.

I use lots of broth.

And I even bought this at a cute little health food store when I saw it because I forgot about the above deluge of stock.

Who knew they made this?

And this doesnt’ even count all the stuff I have in my pantry that I can’t eat because of the added sugars or fake sugars and I just keep forgetting its there.

I bought this while teaching...uh 5 years ago :-/

Or the stuff that isn’t vegetarian friendly and Hunni wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole…what can I say he’s not a real New Englander 🙂

Oh my old friend.

It’s looking like I need to do an eat out of your pantry challenge because I also have samples sent to me and things I won in contests.  I have acai powder that I’ve used a few times, tahini, free samples of hot cereal and old instant cereal packets.  It’s a good thing I have a large pantry.

I need to think of a way to use up a good bit of this and get rid of what we won’t use.  So Momma we’re bringing you food this time and some of my other friends will end up with lovely meals cooked for them.  And I’m getting back on the Green Monster kick because I love them and those frozen bananas take up a lot of space.  I was surprised at all I found but I hope to use some of it up soon. 🙂

What do you have hiding in the back of your cupboards?

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  1. 05/06/2010 8:18 PM

    I’m trying so hard not to stock my cupboards heavily to begin with (paying more attention to fresh goodies) – but I’m known to buy some strange stuff when I shop hungry! When I moved out of my dorm, I chucked several containers of microwave brownie mix and lime popcorn…

    Maybe you could bring some of the non-perishables to a battered women’s/childrens shelter? I’m sure they’d be extremely appreciative of any donations.

    • 05/06/2010 9:10 PM

      I tend to stock up on things I will eat but forget them. I’ll make sure that all the food goes to a good place where it will be used.

      As Salvation Army officers Hunni and I actually supply food to the shelter in town quite frequently.

  2. 05/06/2010 11:16 PM

    Gawd, I have soooo much in my cabinets and freezers, it’s ridiculous! I am trying to use it all up now, it’s amazing how long you can go with just your pantry + freezer if you get creative. 🙂


    • 05/06/2010 11:21 PM

      I know. I’m thinking after our vacation is a great time to just eat what we have and only buy milk and fresh fruits and veggies.


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