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Out With the Old…


In with the new.  I truly appreciate Memorial Day because many members of my family serviced our country including my own two parents…Love ya Momma and Dad…so I am grateful for the ability to live the life I do because of what they do.  I’m also thankful for a true day off because I’m required to close the office and Hunni and I decided not to do any work…shocker I know.  We lounged in bed with the pups, blogged and read and then decided to cross something off the list.  We’ve been meaning to hit up Lenox because it is a cute little town.  And it really is.  It’s full of fun sculptures and old buildings but this was Hunni’s favorite place…


He didn’t even bother to look at the art and jewelry (I don’t wear it too much) but he did look at ALL the chocolate.  We ended up with dark chocolate covered marshmallows and two super dark truffles since we had no cash on us and it was $10 minimum.  He claimed the dark chocolate truffles were for me as he took a big bite…


I did manage to sneak a small bite but they were too much sugar.  He finished it all off in the stores while I shopped. Actually we ended up shopping at the Lee Outlets because on our budget these beautiful stores were just too much for us even if they were pretty to look at.  We will go back to eat sometime.   Some how we missed the memo that every Massachusetts eatery closes on Monday even if it is Memorial Day weekend. 😦  So much for my desire to eat at a cute little cafe or restaurant on the terrace.

But we did hit up the outlets and I got some great deals.  I had never been to our local outlets and my pocket-book was happy I hadn’t discovered them until recently.  I would be dead broke if I had.  But I found some great deals.  I even found a store that was advertising a sale if you had a receipt for donating to The Salvation Army…I was tempted to tell them I was The Salvation Army and show my card until I realized I didn’t want anything in the store.  But I thought that was really nice of them.

I did end up walking out with a few new things besides a very tired Hunni who had eaten all his chocolate goodies while I looked around stored 😀  I was conservative and replaced only the things I new I needed and would wear.  I have a hard enough time closing my drawer and need to thin them out from things I don’t wear since I keep pulling the same 10 things out.

But I got a new pair of Jeans from Eddie Bauer.  Their close fit great and it was on massive 70% discount.

Great new jeans!

I realized they were so discounted because they were missing the button but I have tons in my sewing collection so I can put whatever I want.  And when they were originally this price…

More than I spend.

and I only paid $15 for them…I can spare a button 🙂  They fit amazingly and will replace some older jeans that I got as hand-me-downs while loosing weight and didn’t want to buy my own jeans.  So this brings my grand total of jeans to two.  I don’t normally wear jeans…or correction I wear the same pair for several days in a row before washing them to make them last longer.  I’m just usually not going anywhere that I don’t need a uniform or yoga pants.  But it is nice to have options.

I also bought a pink shirt.  To be more specific I bought a pink technical shirt.  The first real technical shirt I bought for running was a pink one because I was feeling girly that day and I loved the idea that even when I was sweating like a pig I could still look girly.  I’m like MizFit and sweat even when I think about working out so this shirt has seen better days.

Yes it is grey.

Don’t adjust your computer screens.  This shirt that was once a lovely shade of pink is now a great shade of grey-uck!  I must sweat acid or something but it has a wonderful tinge of grey all over like I haven’t washed it since the first day I wore it….but Hunni does wash it and he blames the washer.  I think it has just seen better days since I bought it.  So I bought this beauty…

It is actually PINK!

So I can still feel girly running and I’ve had good luck with Under Armour clothes holding up thus far.  But I’m in dangerous territory now that I know there is an Under Armour Outlet only an hour away.  Hunni made me promise if I buy a new piece I must replace an old piece.  This could be difficult.  I might have to hide some old pieces in our footlocker if I get too overzealous.  I’ll be good for now I promise.

And look at the cute bags they come in…

It's a back pack!

Perfect to put my sweaty gym clothes in after I get changed at the gym or wet beach/pool clothes.  I have to go back and buy something else just so Hunni has one right?  I’ll wait until I need new running tights soon 🙂

And my final out with the old isn’t actually going out.  Last year when I was in North Conway I went into JCrew expecting to just look and leave until I saw these wonderful things…

Still wrinkly from wearing today.

I wore them almost everywhere last summer.  They are just the perfect pair of shorts.  I’m not a big shorts person due to the fire my thighs could start from rubbing together and who wants to put on Body Glide just to go shopping.  But these were perfect.  I even wore them the last time we were down in Lee…

Yep that's them.

But I decided I needed a pair to support them in their efforts to make me look good this summer so I bought them in grey.

My new beauties.

I think they are a great neutral for what I currently own.  I’m super tempted to go back and buy another pair in dark brown too.  I’m not a big Khaki person…too many bad memories of uniforms for work.  But I loved the style and I’m afraid if I don’t buy enough pairs now while they have them I won’t be able to get them before they discontinue them.  Must refrain and buy another pair later in the summer.

But all my out with the old and in with the new really had me thinking about how much I hold onto stuff.  Not just things.  I hold onto to everything.  Sure I hold onto clothes because they are my favorite even if they haven’t fit me for several sizes.  I still have my rehearsal dinner dress that I love and keep saying I’m going to get taken in but haven’t found a tailor to do so.  But I love it.  And I held onto my crocodile high heels for 2 years after I could no longer wear them because of my back injury and subsequent surgery.  I really wanted to be able to wear them because they were my favorite.

And the worst of it was trying to be able to hold onto foods I loved that were making me sick.  I fought am still fighting with sugar since I have the biggest sweet tooth no matter how much I know it makes me sick.  I make promises to my stomach that I’ll only eat a bit of low sugar something but my stomach doesn’t go for that deal ever and I get sick.  And I held onto the idea of eating chicken and fish occasionally thinking I could handle the digestive issues until it was just too much.

Sometimes I just need to let go of the old.  I am no longer the girl who “isn’t hungry for breakfast”…I have to eat or I’ll eat everything in sight.  I’m no longer the girl who likes to sit out PE class in High School but I love to run even if I’m not exactly suited for it.  And I’m no longer the girl who can eat whatever she wants as long as it fits into her POINTS allowance.  Sure that is how Weight Watchers is designed and it is great but for me I had to learn to eat for my body or I’d be thinner and sick.

So out with the old and in with the new.  I can’t keep holding onto the what-ifs.  I just need to move forward and realized that sometimes new isn’t bad it’s just different.

What are some things you have had to replace in your life?

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  1. 02/06/2010 8:11 PM

    hey girl – just wanted to encourage you about the sugar. i have been hypoglycemic since puberty and i thought i was going to DIE when i had to give up sugar, but now i don’t miss it! when i do take a bite of ice cream or something, it just tastes like sugar – and not in a tasty way. hang in there! your body deserves it, and so do you!

    • 02/06/2010 9:23 PM

      Thank you! I am missing it less and less. I’m surprised at how well I do when I just don’t eat it.

  2. 03/06/2010 12:37 PM

    Hi Cynthia,

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Glad to hear you found some jeans that worked for you at one of our stores!

    – Paolo, Eddie Bauer


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