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If you haven’t heard it enough I love Boot Camp Steve and the staff at Williamstown Physical Therapy.  They are AMAZING!!!! I actually love the way they torture me.  And I love the way they treat me like the tons of college athletes that go through there.  I feel awesome with my treatment there…like I really am an athlete.

And today was no exception.  I should have known I was in for trouble when I walked in and Boot Camp Steve said I was lucky because he had an entire hour and a half to devote to me.  Dang it!  After half an hour with this guy I’m sore…what the heck will and hour and a half do?!  But I’m competitive and up for the challenge and away we went.  Who needs a personal trainer when I can go to Physical Therapy and get my hiney handed to me?  There is that whole injury thing but I’m good at making that happen even with good training.  I need my own bubble.

The best thing about working with Boot Camp Steve is that he has the same IT Band issues that I do so he kind of gets to do his own stretching when I come in.  Too bad the poor guy has to wear jeans for work.  But I am proficient in sewing up split pant seams since Hunni is a pro at splitting his pants.  My goal is to get Boot Camp Steve to qualify for Boston even if I need to re-injure myself so he can stay loose…just kidding :-).  He actually ran it a few years back but he wants to qualify the next time he runs it. I’d make the drive to watch him cross the finish.  Heck I’d make the drive next year to watch strangers cross the finish with a jealous look on my face.

Today’s extended session not only worked my normal “issues” but he started at my ankle and worked all the way up to my shoulders.  Apparently I’m completely twisted 😀  It was so cool to learn the different ways my body is maladaptive and the cool little tricks to help straighten up and fly right.  Boot Camp Steve even got to learn some new tricks based on my issues from his boss when he couldn’t figure out why my leg didn’t rotate the right way.  They used a bunch of strange words I didn’t understand but it made me “work” better so I was both happy and proud.  Happy my issue was fixed even if just temporarily (it will take a bunch more sessions to get me full movement) and that my problems allowed Boot Camp Steve to learn something new.  He still says no running yet but I’ll get there even if he has to run with me 🙂

I love learning new stuff constantly.  I live for that phrase “You learn something new everyday.”  I’m a bit of an overachiever and try to learn multiple things but that’s just me.  And with this Healthy Living thing I’m constantly learning too.  I’m still learning thins like where evil little sugars can hide like Jiff Peanut Butter…what’s so wrong with just plain roasted nuts…I guess Natural Almond Butter has spoiled me.  And I love learning things on how to improve my fitness especially when I thought I would be stuck on a couch just two years ago with a major back injury at 26.  I’m too competitive to let a little thing like lumbar spinal fusion stop me 🙂

It’s all about learning for me.  Even after I hit my goal weight I am still learning how to keep up the healthy living.  And learning to eat for my health and not just meet my daily points target.  And to learn that being fit makes me much happier than being skinny.  I love learning…I guess that is why I was a teacher and still am in many ways.  The more I know the more dangerous I am 😀

And helping others learn is just a fun…Boot Camp Steve seemed to enjoy it today.  He learned how to help me more and ultimately how to help himself since he my injury twin.  Honestly if I could be a Weight Watchers leader I would (no can do with my job) and I love helping others learn about health and wellness.  I do it with my family and friends all the time.  And I kind of like writing this blog for the same reason.  It allows me to ramble on and on when Hunni has tuned me out on my most recent rant about sugar in everything.  I definitely got a stare when I said “I don’t understand American’s fascination with sugar” in the grocery in my definitely american accent.

So enjoy your learning however you get it.  I know I do!

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  1. 28/05/2010 8:36 AM

    Sounds like a great time! I never stop learning new things about myself – even after having been in maintenance for this long. And I also learn something new everyday about food, nutrition, and exercise! I love it!

    • 28/05/2010 8:50 PM

      It was awesome! But boy was I sore today.

      I love learning things all the time.


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