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Behind + Goals


I’m really behind today and we aren’t talking this one…

As cute as it is ;-D

No I’ve been behind all day.  Hunni was out-of-town for work this weekend and so everything got pushed back.  It didn’t help that I spent an hour in Barnes and Noble exploring the Cookbook and Craft sections but we won’t talk about that.

So today I woke up very begrudgingly to go to PT and get my butt hip kicked by Boot Camp Steve who is still trying to convince my body to do what it is supposed to instead of what it wants to…much like a petulant child.  Like Mother like hip 🙂  Then I ran around for errands like crazy for my week that doesn’t end, especially since Hunni has to go out-of-town again this weekend leaving me to everything…not that he has a choice.

So I decided to steal a few moments to myself in Barnes and Noble again this afternoon.  Technically I’m doing work.  I had to research some books for my women’s group who want to do crafts and grab my much-needed coffee pick me up which I accidentally got sugar in and is now revolting in my stomach.  But I did get a lot done.  Until I realized I had forgotten to type my post last night in my enjoyment of simultaneously watching the Survivor Finale, reading my REALLLY good book and listening to Hunni “catch up on his rest”…ie snore 🙂
So here is the post you were expecting this morning….just pretend we all time travelled and it has been here all day 🙂

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Eat out no more than twice. Okay I should have doubled this.  It totally would have worked if I hadn’t completely forgotten when writing my goals that I would be all alone this weekend to do lots and lots of work.  So there were more than 2 meals eaten out this week but I’m not telling how many.  Especially since what I ate in my haste I wouldn’t exactly call meals.  A Luna Bar and  Coffee is not that balanced but it held me over.
  • Walk the dogs. Mission Accomplished.  ALthough I won’t comment on the ridiculous time that they woke me up on Sunday wanting to go for a walk.  Any time before 7AM does not usually exist to me and the dogs weren’t taking no for an answer.  So we won’t comment on the lovely conversation we had while walking them when I forgot the ground has dew in the morning and I was wearing sandals.  They should have reminded me.
  • Exercise 3x. Super score!  Even though I mixed up the dates of one of my PT appointments I still got them both in and a few other workouts.  Now that I have a book to read at the library I love going at anytime instead of when TV I like is going on.
  • Enjoy the Ballet. Wonderful, Wonderful!  And Hunni loved it too.  See the recap here 🙂
  • Sew, sew, and sew some more. Patterns picked, fabric purchased, table set up, tools out…and no actual sewing done 🙂  I think I need to work my fingers to the bone.  Thank goodness this is a baby quilt of 6 blocks and not the um, unfinished wedding quilts of 72 blocks.  And Beth if you read this I apologize for picking a simpler pattern…but it really is cute. 🙂

This Week’s Goals:

  • Precook some meals. While I cook tonight’s actual dinner I will be putting my yummy chili in the crock pot to cook itself.  And my rice cooker will be going with some quinoa for another recipe and I might even throw some tofu in the oven.  I need to become that girl who cooks meals ahead like many of you because if I don’t I will quickly bore of eggs for dinner and salads for lunch.  I have some great cookbooks purchased and some on hold at the library.  I just need to figure out what freezes well.  Oh and maybe purchase a chest freezer 🙂
  • Plan some fun side trips for us. Now that we have a better idea of what our summer will look like I want to plan some fun side trips.  Hunni and I saw the book Weird Massachusetts at Barnes and Noble…you know my home for the last week…and want to check it out of the library and explore.  The only problem is it isn’t due until June.  So we may be purchasing this one to enjoy the fun.  But little side trips are some of our specialties and we want to make the most of the summer…..when work doesn’t get in the way.
  • Read! I’ve realized how much I missed it and I also realized I don’t do well just reading in my room.  YOu see I fall asleep.  I need noise.  I always had to have music or a movie on while studying in college so why should it be different now.  I can’t be left with my own thoughts or even the author’s 🙂  So I’ve been shutting the laptop and reading while Hunni watches randomness for noise.  It’s working great so far and I’m loving my book.
  • Not pull my hair out. Okay not to be rude or anything but whoever planned my schedule for this month was on crack.  I will admit I was partly to blame but some of the stuff was out of my control and I do not have time to breathe this week.  I will get it all done….okay I need to repeat this…I will get it all done.  I may have to stick an IOU in the baby shower card…or stay up all night the night before….I’ll probably do that later.   Sleep is so overrated :-/
  • Redecorate. If you don’t know by now I’m a Salvation Army officer and we live in Salvation Army housing, which is actually a quaint little apartment above the church at our current location.  However there are some things that have been driving me nuts lately so I will be planning my attack on these items and sprucing the place up a bit.  It kind of needs it.  And it will be relaxing to make a list.  We all know I love lists 🙂

So there you have it.  I will survive or pull my hair out trying.  It should get easier from here or I’ll force it to do so 🙂  More fun to come tomorrow.

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  1. 17/05/2010 8:24 PM

    Please don’t pull your hair out – you’d miss it! 🙂 I think having some research/alone time at the bookstore is very healthy. In fact it makes me want to go do it myself.

    I like all your goals! I am a seamstress to, but since starting the blog I have done very little sewing.

    • 17/05/2010 9:43 PM

      I think you are right Diane but somedays in the midst of the stress I forget.

      Prior to blogging I used to read and sew more. I’m trying to actually close the computer more often and get sucked into a book or entranced by the sewing machine.

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