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Scenic View


One of the best things about living in the Berkshires is the great views.  No matter where I drive there are always things to look at.  I remember when Hunni and I drove into town 2 years ago we couldn’t stop looking around as we stood in the parking lot with our moving truck.  We have some awesome hills just across the road as well as just across from Wal-Mart 😀

That's the view just outside our parking lot.

There are many other awesome views like a hairpin that leads out-of-town towards the highway.  A real actual hair pin turn.  And there is a cool restaurant/inn and viewfinders like on the top of the Empire State Building that looks out over the town.

Not my photo.

And whenever we travel to Boston or New Hampshire for work events we often take the back roads because we are cheap like the scenic views.  We see some awesome things and I often want to just stop and take pictures.  I promise myself every time that I’ll take some pictures because I want to have them for when we eventually move.

The only problem with the scenic view trips is that they aren’t always the fastest routes.  I often add about 30 minutes of time to my trips just so I can see the sights.  But if I have the time why not…It’s my choice right.

And honestly I’ve done the same in lots of areas of my life.  When I first started losing weight I did the fast track.  I cut it all out…no more girl scout cookies, cheesy rice, microwave meals, deep-fried anything.  I had a salad every day for lunch and a well planned out dinner that consisted of about 6 different options I rotated.  But it worked and I was satisfied with my decisions.  I didn’t feel deprived so I stuck with it.  And I quickly lost about 80 pounds.  It was a bit scary and awesome all at once.  I didn’t recognize who I was in my own skin and had no clothes to fit over that skin.  Everyone noticed how much I had changed and I was pretty proud of how well I stuck with it.  Even when I arrived at seminary most people had no idea who I was.  Not because we were all new but because the picture they put with my name so people could put a name to a face was an old picture prior to the weight loss and I looked a lot different.  it was a pretty amazing feeling to seem like I was flying down the autobahn like I had in my dad’s car when I was a kid.

But then the rest of the weight didn’t come off as easily.  In fact some of it decided to join back in the party after I got injured and had to cut back on my exercise without cutting back on the food…ooops.  But taking off the last of the weight was more the scenic route.  There were ups and downs with it…and they were frustrating and learning at the same time.  I got to experience lots of different things and try new exercises and foods and such.  But I enjoyed the ride.  I learned more about my body and how to eat for my health and not just to lose weight.  I got to enjoy sweets and learned what did and didn’t work with my digestive problems.  And I got to explore areas of my fitness I never thought I’d get to like running a 10K and strength training.  The scenic route to weight loss wasn’t so bad after all.

It was my decision both times.  Sure I loved losing a lot quickly and it felt great but I didn’t learn enough and I was on the yo-yo track.  But as I slowed down and enjoyed the scenic route with my current weight loss I can appreciate how I reached goal and how I’m working to get back there after gaining due to some unforeseen circumstances.  I know the routes and I can enjoy the ride without panicking on how long it will take me to get there.  Especially since once I get there I have a life time to enjoy the maintenance travels 😀

Can you appreciate the way you lose weight?

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  1. 16/05/2010 10:46 AM

    Great analogy and great pictures. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking the scenic route, taking your time, and really enjoying and learning from the process!

    I really liked this post!

    • 16/05/2010 7:00 PM

      Thanks Diane! The scenic route has really been helping me get perspective.

  2. Ellen permalink
    16/05/2010 7:51 PM

    I know that losing weight gradually is the way to go, but sometimes I get so impatient! And I always lose weight in my problem areas (back and arms) LAST. So no, sadly, I don’t think I do APPRECIATE the way I lose weight, but I’m constantly making an effort to accept my body and just do the best I can!

  3. 17/05/2010 1:35 AM

    I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum: trying to gain weight. And I think what you said about enjoying the RIDE…it’s so true! It need not be a pain in the ass…For me, it was a learning and “fun” adventure for sure…a big challenge, in terms of fear food and discomforts…but I learned so much in the process, too.

    • 17/05/2010 10:54 AM

      It’s about learning to enjoy food either way. I never really tasted food before and now I know what I love and what is worth eating.

  4. 17/05/2010 4:19 PM

    Yes losing weight is harder than it sounds, and it doesn’t matter sometime if you know how to eat healthy, you just want to get rid of all, I was very impatient and very hard on myself!!!!
    its a big challenge!! But you learn a lot during it!

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