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Twinkle Toes


In my dreams as a little girl I thought about being a ballerina.  But I never took lessons even though I can put my feet in several ballet positions and often do that in grocery lines along with my toe raises (remember I’m a bit nuts).

Now my only ballet like moves are the yoga poses I can do and randomly do in my living room.

I look so graceful 😛

But yesterday I got to live my little girl dreams and go to the ballet.  I got free tickets through work to see the student show for the Boston Ballet called Next Generation.

So graceful.

I quickly snapped up a pair for Hunni and I and dragged took him along.

So happy!

Hunni actually was a bit worried about the show because he’s tone-deaf and not a big fan of the arts.  I made him promise to give it a chance and try to enjoy it.  This is the face he made after that.

I was super excited because it reminded me of the movie Center Stage with the student show so I ooooo and ahhhh over the titles of the pieces the students would be performing.

And there was a special treat because the Junior Boston Symphony provided the live music.  Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed inside the theater and I forgot to take a cool picture outside the Boston Opera House where it was held.  I’m sure Tess is super disappointed in me.

Rewinding a bit Hunni and I decided to do some shopping prior to actually going into Boston since we don’t get to the boston neck of the woods very often.  We roamed around Williams Sonoma because I love to dream of being a good chef and actually needing to shop in that store.  And Hunni likes to dream of things like the Star Wars cookie cutters and pancake molds.  But we did walk out with something this time.

Such a fun logo.

Did I give into Hunni’s Star Wars fantasy or my dream of needing another cookbook?  You guess….And the winner is…

Oh yeah baby!

I have been obsessed with buying veggie cookbooks since I don’t want to get bored with my repetoire…or more likely for Hunni to get bored of it since he’s along for the ride and eats vegetarian when he’s at home with me.  And with recipes like this who could resist this book.

I can’t wait to try some of these out and test the 15 minute meal assumption that Williams Sonoma is making.  They must think I’m a great cook 🙂

Hunni and I did a bit more shopping on our trip.  We picked up a great wedding present for friends getting married in June but she reads the blog so I can’t show you.  But the other shopping trip I’ll mention tomorrow.  Trust me it was a fun one 🙂

And the kicker to this trip was that Hunni actually love the ballet and spending the day with me and said we could do it again.  Oh boy this could become an expensive new passion.

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  1. Elizabeth Abrahamson permalink
    13/05/2010 9:27 PM

    I’ve always wanted to be a dancer but couldnt do it very well, so when they offered a cardio ballet class at my gym I started going. It’s a great workout!


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