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Getting My Mojo Back


No I am not Austin Powers but I am trying to get my mojo back (but I have seen all of the movies…shame on me).

Groovy Baby!

I’ve admitted several times in the past few days that I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last two months.  It was a combination of depression so I didn’t care what I was eating, medication changes that caused weight gain and lack of exercise due to injury and the depression but the point is that I gain the 10 pounds and I’m not happy.  So now I’m getting my mojo back…my weight loss mojo.

I had maintained for several months and now it is time to switch gears a bit to get back to my happy weight.  And I know I can do it because I’ve done it before and I want to do it again.  So here is how I’m doing it.

  • Easing in. Just like with my vegetarianism I’m easing into it all again.  I’m not going nuts and only eating plants and no treats and I’m not out running 10K’s any time soon.  If I were to do either I’d end up giving up.  I like a little treat every now and again like the yogurt mess I had today with real maple syrup and granola and the hike from yesterday.  I’m more likely to keep it up if it is an easy transition.
  • Schedule the time. I need to schedule time to get the food that I need to eat like my trip to the farmer’s market and grocery today and the time for the gym.  Its gotten so easy to just eat out and not cook because I “didn’t have any food” and not workout because I was “too busy.”  But by making it part of my schedule on my Google Calendar I have no excuse because I don’t break appointments.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. I’m still adjusting to the vegetarian lifestyle so I have really had to plan my meals better because I can’t just pull out lunch meat for a sandwich or throw a chicken breast on the grill for dinner so my meals are more planned now so I don’t want to eat my arm…that would just cause more digestive issues.  And my exercises have had to be more planned.  A simple run is not possible right now with my knee injury so I have tp plan time to do the PT homework from Boot Camp Steve as well as some sort of cardio.  This has proved to be more work that I thought so my free time is spent thinking up new workouts and reading all my back issues of fitness magazines for ideas.
  • Measuring cups are my friends. I’ve gotten out of the habit because my eyes were working.  But I recently pulled out the tools and found I was eating a bit more of somethings than I thought and less of others.  So I’m not measuring everything but I’m checking and it really is helping with my portion control.  And I’m actually enjoying knowing my own limits instead of just guessing.
  • Hide the debit card. The eating out was just getting out of control and too convenient.  So Hunni and I have decided to ban the debit cards on basic days out.  None of this I’m just to tired cook…or I don’t know what to cook.  I’d rather make something simple as pancakes (like tonight) than spend the money for another boring salad that is way too overpriced.  We do have exceptions to the rule for work stuff but I’m also breaking out the debit card to purchase some more tupperware so that we can cook some meals ahead and keep in the fridge and freezer for those days I really just don’t feel like cooking.  That will be better than eating the watered down salads.

I’ve got to do this because I’m tired of just being tired.  I need to get this train back on the tracks so here goes nothing.

Have you ever had to readjust your plans to get back on track?

BTW Happy Mother’s Day Momma! You are the best and have always been so supportive.

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  1. 10/05/2010 11:08 AM

    You can do it! I’ve gotten really lax about stuff lately, too, and I need to kick my own butt into gear!

    • 10/05/2010 1:01 PM

      Thank Brandi. My cookie for lunch may not be the greatest but it was only one so that is good 🙂


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