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This Is My Limit


The other day I got pulled over driving through a small town.  You know one of those small towns that if you blink it is gone…but they always change the speed limits by 15 mph, from 55 down to 40 back up to 55 before you can sneeze.  The cop apparently clocked me still going 55 in his tiny town and then pulled me over just outside his town…because it is TINY!  Anyways I was really honest with him that I was late and blinked too long missed the speed change sign and was sorry.  Normal checking of the license followed and I was let off with a warning.  Thank you Mister Policeman in tiny town…my back account appreciates the money staying in it and not leaving as quickly as I left your little town.


But now I know when I take those back roads I need to pay a bit more attention and know the limits of eat little town on the road so I don’t have a repeat the next time I go out that way.  That would make one expensive trip to visit a friend.  But it would have been worth it 🙂


Now I really need to know my limits in lots of other areas.  I’ve been slacking off on lots of things and my body is letting me know it is not happy along with my wallet.  In the last two months I’ve added 10 pounds to my frame.  Not so bad when it was 5 pounds it didn’t really show.  My clothes fit well and it wasn’t so bad.  But with the extra 5 pounds I’ve added to that my clothes are tighter.  It doesn’t really matter with my workout clothes but my uniform is starting to get a bit too snug and looking more like a sausage skin than the comfortable thing it was.  And I refuse to buy a new uniform so I need to see this as a definite sign to get my act together.


My grocery list has looked a little different lately.  I am so used to eating a ton of fruits and veggies and supplementing with grains and protein.  Lately those two have been reversed.  I’m seriously lacking in this department and I’m noticing a big difference.  I need to get more fruits and veggies in besides the pineapple I dismantle once a week and a handful of spinach in my eggs.  I will make a small pit stop at the grocery tomorrow to get some basics and the roam the farmer’s market to pick up as much as I can eat on Saturday so I have no excuse.  Lately my excuse has been I don’t have any so I need to rectify that ASAP.


I’ve also noticed my energy is low because of the lack of healthy eating and exercise.  When I’m sleeping 14 hours in one night (it only happened once but still) and I’m having trouble getting up at my normal time something is wrong.  I’m just worn down from not treating myself right.  My body is objecting and I don’t know if I blame it.


So I’m working on a plan to get back at it but I’m starting slow.  I will first eat a bit better and get in some more exercise hoping the Boot Camp Steve doesn’t kill me in PT tomorrow like he did on Monday.  I will learn my limits because my body won’t be happy otherwise.  I may not be as hard-core as I was earlier in my journey but I can’t be so soft like I have been lately.  Now the journey begins to find the happy medium.


How do you know when you’ve gotten off course?

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  1. Melissa permalink
    07/05/2010 10:23 AM

    Hey, You may be interested in looking into joining a CSA. It may be late for this season, but check it out. I found one near you ( but they’re instituting a waiting list right now. I just signed up for one near me. CSA is a relationship between a farm and a community. Community, Farmer, and Land all benefit from this arrangement. Community members purchase a share before the growing season starts and share the risks and rewards of farming. Depending on the size of a share, one can be enough vegetables to feed an average family of three or four, or two vegetarians. Share pick-up is weekly during the growing season from about mid-June to the first frost in October ~ 20 weeks. Here is another one that’s close that may be accepting applications

    • 07/05/2010 11:15 AM

      Thanks Melissa. We thought about this but with the possibility of moves in TSA world we didn’t want to this year.

      • Melissa permalink
        07/05/2010 12:26 PM

        I’m really looking forward to it. In my family, vegetable = potato, corn, broccoli. That was it. There are SOOOO many good veggies out there!!!

      • 07/05/2010 12:49 PM

        I would love to try things like kholrabi and stuff so I’m excited about getting one later.

  2. 07/05/2010 9:41 PM

    I know that I’ve gotten off course when my weight creeps up a pound or two. When it happens I do what you are doing – reevaluate what is happening and take steps to fix it!

    Great post!

    • 07/05/2010 9:46 PM

      Thanks Diane! I didn’t notice it when I was depressed and now I do I’m fixing it.

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