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Sometimes Just Listen


I had great plans last night.  I got back from a long meeting, cooked dinner, and got in my workout clothes.  I decided to let my food digest for a bit before hitting the gym so I laid down to read a book for a bit.  Jenna has me getting back into my reading habit instead of laying down in front of the TV to rest. 🙂  I was really getting into my book and the next thing I knew it was on the floor and I was asleep with two dogs next to me.  Ooops.

I guess it’s all for the better because I have been running myself ragged the last few weeks with work and I want to be able to enjoy the rest of the week.  Who knew I would sleep for about 14 hours.  But hey…it’s just me and Hunni (and the puppers of course) so I can do this and no one is going to be worried.  Besides Hunni had already eaten dinner and was able to play video games all night.

And the other good thing about this was I was going to go to the gym and walk in the hopes that my legs and butt that were still super sore from Boot Camp Steve’s killer workout on Monday would loosen up.  It was one of those walks that doesn’t exactly hurt like Oh My Gosh stop right now! but more like Please don’t do this we just want to sit still today. I was figuring movement would help make them forget all the one-legged squat things he had me do on Monday and expects me to do again on Friday.  Well technically he expects me to do them through the week but I might get some in today if he is lucky.  But after my “nap” I’m much less sore and I think I’ll actually be hitting the gym here in about an hour.  Oh the joys of a flexible schedule.

Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in what I’m currently doing I forget to do what my body truly needs.  Looks like my muscles and body truly needed rest last night and I work up much more refreshed today.  I know the have Intuitive Eating (which I am so bad at) so maybe I should develop Intuitive Sleeping because I’m pretty bad at that too.

Lately I’ve been pretty wrapped up in all that is going on in life that I have forgotten to even take care of myself.  Sure my knee is injured and I’ve used that as an excuse to not get in a workout…at all.  But after Boot Camp Steve kicked my butt on monday doing moves I used to be able to do without blinking I’m realizing I need to push harder to get to the gym.  Not necessarily harder at the gym but to at least get there and get a workout in even if it is just walking.  Not saying walking is bad but when you are used to running 5-6 miles it feels like a let down.  But my body feels let down when I don’t get anything in.  And I need to watch a bit more what I eat.  Just because I’m stressed doesn’t mean that an entire pint of Coconut Milk Ice cream will solve that.  I need to find a better way to handle it.  Enter back in the smaller workouts.

If I just listened to myself instead of shutting out the logical Cynthia who has some great ideas I might be better off.  Here’s to shutting up and just listening for a change.  I have a lot of words but I don’t have to spew them all on everyone or even myself.  I do have the ability to listen to my own good ideas instead of just pushing forward at lightning speed.

Do you sometimes need to just slow down and listen to yourself?

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