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How Far Will You Go?

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I live in the boonies…literally.  The closest mall is about 1 hour away…okay we have a dumb little mall about 30 minutes away but the only good store there is Target.  We all know how I TARGET 🙂  And I love the mall for an escape so I drive the hour a lot.

To add to this I only have one local friend (Hi Sarah!) so I have to travel to see my friends.  Most of them live within 3 hours so I make the attempt to see at least one or two of them a month because I like being Cynthia instead of Lt. Cynthia.  Here if I travel downtown even in casual clothes people know who I am and call me Lieutenant.  That is fine when I’m making business contacts but when I’m on my way to the gym it is a bit distracting and I just want to get my sweat on.    But hey that is the hazard of the job right…especially in a small town.

But my friends are often amazed that I’m willing to make the drive. Not that they don’t love me or anything but I’m usually the one driving to see them for a visit and I don’t mind.  I like escaping my current reality right now and enjoying time just being me.  So I make the journey…1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours…it doesn’t matter it just depends on how much time I have that week.  I love ya ladies and you are well worth it.  Especially yesterday when I got to see Emily and her little girl for the first time 🙂

But I was thinking about this recently as I stepped on the scale.  The number has gone up about 10 pounds in the last 2 months.  Sure part of that was a new medication my psychiatrist put me on for the depression and the depression was the other half.  Combine a medication with weight gain side effects and a disorder that makes you want to cower under the covers all day and well you gain weight.

But I can’t use that as an excuses.  I gain weight that way and it is okay.  But I have to be willing to work on counteracting these measures and work on all the things I can control.  I can get to the gym now that I’m feeling better and doing all the exercises Boot Camp Steve tortures me with and wants me to do for homework.  I can be more mindful of my portions that I am eating and getting in all the essentials like fruits and veggies, protein and whole grains.  I can make sure that if I’m going to snacks it will be mind and deliberate and not just eating until the bag is empty.  I will and can be deliberate.

I can only control what I can but I’m willing to make the effort just the same as I am with my IBS.  I’m willing to cut out meat although you could see I craved Buffalo Chicken and this weekend I really wanted some salmon sushi.  I’m willing to cut out sugar no matter how yummy the chocolate ciabatta looked at the farmers market and I’m willing to learn to cook interesting grains like barley and bulgur to aid in my digestion.  I’m willing to do what it takes to make me happy.

How far are you willing to go on your Weight Loss Journey?

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  1. 05/05/2010 11:39 AM

    I am one of those friends who is always surprised at how far you’re willing to drive!

    BTW, since you’re making that drive tomorrow, would you be interested in doing a slow, leisurely walk around my complex so I get in some exercise tomorrow night? 🙂

  2. 06/05/2010 7:17 AM

    I too live in a small town where our mall is so scary I won’t even go, but instead will drive the hour to the better mall! Good for you on making the effort to see your good friends!

    I agree that in order to be successful with losing or maintaining our weight we have to be in the journey 100%. Sure there are times where we waver, but overall, we have to put out all into it to get where we want to be. Stay strong!

    • 06/05/2010 1:09 PM

      Thanks Diane! 100% is how I do stuff so I love that I can even apply it to weight loss.

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