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I Survived + Goal


My weekend away WITHOUT THE COMPUTER was great.  Stressful because it was a work trip with my ladies group and I still had to make sure they were taken care of.  But the times I was free to do what I want… I actually did stuff.  At home Hunni and I do stuff on our days off but at night we both spend a lot of time chatting but also on the computer.  This weekend I actually walked around the cute town of North Conway and took a bunch of pictures (I’ll post them later) and read a lot and just enjoyed being free.

Now I’m not going to say I wasn’t freaking out at the amount of blogs that would be in my reader when I got home or thinking about the great posts I could write about several of the things that happened…because trust me I did.  Once again I’m very grateful that I don’t have an iPhone or internet capabilities on my phone but that would have been a slippery slope.  But even with the anxiety I enjoyed myself.

I’m thinking I have to institute this kind of time more often. Think of the fun I could have and all the things I could accomplish off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.  Hunni and I are rethinking our typical evening plans.

As for the goals…here we go….

  • Work out 3 times. Okay maybe it was 2.5 :-/  I went to the gym twice and then I went to my first PT appointment.  If you’ve never been to PT they do a bunch of measurements and torture you to find out the exact cause of your pain.  And then the last 15 or so minutes they start you on exercises.  And I did the exercise this weekend even at the conference so I count that as accomplishment.  Maybe I’m fudging a bit but who’s going to tell Boot Camp Steve….Please don’t tell him, pretty please.
  • Stretch daily. TV is wonderful for this…who am I kidding so is standing in and going up and down stairs and almost anywhere.  Yep I’m the crazy lady doing to raises at the grocery or side lunges in the elevator.  Heck most people know I’m nuts so this isn’t a surprise.  And also not surprisingly my hips feel great and so do the rest of my legs.  The only thing that doesn’t feel great right now is my knee…but Boot Camp Steve is working on this.
  • Visit with friends. I made appointments to visit friends this week…and I met some new people at the conference that I want to continue a friendship with.  But I will admit I didn’t spend too much time with friends other than that.  I had a few conversations here and there but I spent a lot of time by myself and just enjoying not having to work and kind of not having the computer attached to my hip.  I guess it’s not so bad.
  • Eat at home. We had a plan and for the most part we stuck to it.  But some things came up for work and we had to eat out twice so it wasn’t a complete success.  We are back on the plan again this week too.  This food needs to be eaten.
  • Pack away winter stuff. The tote is sitting in my living room packed with winter coats, boots and wool socks.  But the sweaters are still in the drawer because the day that Hunni brought it down we got a massive cold streak.  So the sweater went on my body instead of the box.  It will be this week.  But I’m just happy to have my closet free of the coats and boots.

This week I have no MAJOR work stuff so I’m free to work on my own goals.

  • Plan our fun weekend. Did I mention the only work we have to do this weekend is our normal church stuff but no big stuff?  Did I mention that I’m super excited about it 😀  Hunni and I are taking two days (Friday and Saturday) to do fun stuff for ourselves.  We are going hiking one day and exploring a town the other.  I’m excited but I’m the planner and have to get at least a basic outline worked up…for my own sanity 🙂
  • Eat at home…as much as possible. There are a few things that will require me to eat out this week and that includes a bit for the little trip.  But I have food and I need to eat it.  And I have a plan that I know how to use.  So let’s try this one again.
  • Workout 4 times. Now I’m not talking running marathons each of those times.  But we are talking the yoga that Boot Camp Steve told me would be good (check back later for my yoga month poses) as well as trying out some things for my new activity that Boot Camp Steve said I need to find.  And of course there is the hiking on Friday or Saturday…this should be a piece of cake….ooooo cake.
  • Over the river and through the woods. I have two dates this week and they aren’t with Hunni.  Scandalous I know.  Not really…come on you know me better than that.  I have a date with my friend Chelle to work on her awesome quilting skills and a date with my friend Emily to meet her gorgeous little girl.  So more like going over the mountains and through the valley to get to my friends houses. 🙂
  • Clean this house. Okay I’m not a slob by any means…everything in my house has a place…there just isn’t much space.  And after we get back from trips stuff ends up in the living room and there are suitcases to unpack.  I want to get this stuff straightened up ASAP because it drives me bonkers…absolutely bonkers…until it is.  SO there will be cleaning and lots of it.  Some of our stuff just needs to go in the in boxes until we have a house with more space…whenever that is 😦

Okay off to do some yoga and have Hunni take some pictures for my Yoga Pose of the day for Tina and Kate so come back later to check that out.

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