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Round Two


I feel like I’m about to go Round Two with Mike Tyson on lots of stuff…except minus the whole crazy face tattoo and squeaky voice.


I’m throwing down the punches in this second round to come out on top.

First punch was thrown by my latest fun fix…Buffalo Wings!  I tried the Gardein Buffalo Wings a couple of days ago and made an awesome Buffalo Chik’n Salad.  It was super yummy and definitely filled my craving.  But I had some left over because each package is 2 servings.  A bit deceiving for a wing addict like me but I practiced portion control and put the second half in the fridge for later.

Hot Wing Goodness!

But the idea of the same salad again wasn’t doing it for me.  So I hit the fridge and started experimenting.  I tossed the leftover wings in a pan with some olive oil hoping they would crisp a bit thanks to a suggestion from Momma.  As they sizzled away I thought hard and decided to make some egg thingy…yes that is a technical term.  Eggs are good with anything right?  I poured in about 1/3 cup egg whites to set up and about 1/4 Mexican Cheese blend.  Then I got to chopping this bad boy.

Look familiar?

Yep that’s the leftover pepper from the salad.  I figured they were a good combo the first time so why not this time too.  Let that all settle for a bit and get gooey.

Shaping up nicely.

I decided I needed a bit more veggies for the meal so I tossed a big handful or two of spinach on top to wilt while the eggs finished.  I guess I was recreating my salad anyway 🙂

Love the color combo.

Egg burritos are my favorite way to eat eggs so this combo was destined to be wrapped up.  I took a whole wheat tortilla with a smidge of garlic hummus and greek yogurt for the cool down factor before adding my toppings.  Turns out I way over estimated the amount of interior contents so this mix was split in two and I saved half for lunch tomorrow.  The final product looked so yummy I almost forgot to take a picture before it jumped into my mouth.  But I remembered just in the nick of time.

Meet the faux meat fun.

I can’t even tell you how good this was.  Let me just say I’m happy that I have enough for seconds for tomorrow and that it turned out edible well. I rarely like leftovers so I was pleasantly surprised.

Second punch thrown was at my Orangina.  I am in love with this stuff.  But apparently the American version isn’t as IBS friendly as the French version.  After drinking some the other night I had some bad stomach pains.  Not a fun night at all.  Low and behold I turn the bottle to read the ingredients and the dreaded words HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP are second in the list!  You dirty rat…you stole my favorite drink.  But I wanted the last laugh and grabbed a La Croix I bought on impulse after seeing it on Kath‘s blog all last year.  I didn’t care for the stuff but I’m too cheap to throw it out.  But today I was inspired to make a mixed drink of my own Orangina.

I'm a mixologist!

Fill the glass about 1/4 with Orange Juice and top off with sparkling soda and you have your own fizzy drink minus the chemicals.  And it was so good too.  I just need to buy more sparkling soda to make this again.

And my final punch was a one-two punch on injury.  This time when I injured myself I took the time off to rest it…unlike with my hip.  But after a few weeks of rest it still wasn’t doing well so off to PT I went this morning to meet with Boot Camp Steve.  He teased me that I got injured to go see him…I kidded back that I’d visit more often if they’d let me but they require me to be injured first.  When Steve first entered the room to figure out my injury he had the look of “maybe you shouldn’t be running” on his face.  I dread this face because I sometimes think maybe they are right.  But by the end of the visit he had changed his mind.  I’m that persuasive 🙂  No really he told me that my passion to put the work in and do it right and safe to get healthy and run well makes him think I’ll be a runner long-term.  I just may have to give up my goals of winning Boston…or even running it.

He asked if I want to run for just the next couple of years or for my lifetime.  I’m pretty addicted and want to be able to run as long as possible so I conceded that 10K or 15K may be my longest races from not on.  But this means I can run 3 miles at a time well into my 50’s if I play nicely with my joints.  I can handle that.  It just means I have to find a new fitness passion to go along with my running addiction.  Boot Camp Steve said he’d give me until I’m 30 to choose but that’s not that far off….eek only a year and a half.  Looks like I need to get on that and I’ll be trying some new classes soon.  Any Suggestion?

So I’m thinking that Round Two is going pretty well for me and I’m going to kick some hiney.  I’m not going down without fight and in fact I’m determined to win.  Buffalo Wings are a part of my new veggie life (WOOOHOOO!), “Orangina” can taste good and not hurt me (Double Woohoo) and I’m going to kick this injury out the door as I go on my next run (Yeah Baby!).  I can do this and I will :-)!

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  1. 30/04/2010 3:29 PM


  2. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    30/04/2010 7:04 PM

    tattoos on the face… who would be so brave. I hope mike still has that when he’s 80 years old and wrinkly

  3. Toby permalink
    09/05/2010 5:19 PM

    How about cycling for a supplement to your running?

    • 09/05/2010 9:55 PM

      I will but can’t do the bent over thing. I do like cycling for fun with Hunni.

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