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The Real Tortilla


In line with Tina’s Be You Didn’t Know post yesterday…I bet you didn’t know that lived in Spain for 4 months while studying Spanish to be a Spanish teacher 🙂  I loved every second of it, especially the food.  I tasted my way through all the towns that I visited and enjoyed every bite.

One of my favorite things to eat in Spain was Tortilla Espanola.  Such a fun dish and not what most americans think of when they think of tortilla.  No flour or corn involved and it is definitely not flat.  It’s a lovely dish full of eggs and potatoes and anything else you want to throw into it.  Such a great dish to use up leftovers.  In fact a friend of mine, who also studied in Spain, and I got together for dinner one night during student teaching and knew exactly what to cook.  What else would two future Spanish teachers eat for dinner 🙂  Fun times with Walter at Houghton…YEAH!

Anyway tonight was tortilla night.  I had some potatoes I needed to use up and I was excited to enjoy and old school treat.  Look how yummy it looks.

Perfect slice!

Tonight’s tortilla had:

  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 2 pounds peels, diced and parboiled potatoes.
  • 6 eggs or egg beaters equivalent (1 1/2 cups)
  • 1 cup sautéed onions
  • 1/2 cup halved grape tomatoes

The night before I peeled, parboiled and placed my potatoes in the fridge.  This is the thing that takes the longest so I wanted to get it done while I ate dinner yesterday.  Today I sautéed up the cup of onions in the oil until they were slightly brown and fragrant in an oven safe skillet.  It is key that the skillet is oven safe unless you like the smell of burnt plastic…trust me from experience.

*Shortcut*  I hate to cry while cutting onions so I always cut several ahead of time and then freeze the unused portions.

Chopped and ready for the freezer.

Then add the potatoes and cook for 3-4 minutes until they are covered in the oil and warmed.  They won’t really brown but you don’t really want them to.  Pour in your eggs, add the tomatoes and set on low to medium low heat for 15 minutes.  You want the eggs to set around the side and be slightly liquid in the middle.

Today's combination.

While the eggs cook turn the broiler on High.  After the 15 minutes on the stove top transfer the skillet to the oven and cook until the eggs are completely set and brown on the top.  Don’t burn…yep I’ve done this before too.

Ready for slicing.

Slice into 4-6 wedges depending on how hungry you are or how nostalgic you are for Spain in my case.  I used to eat one of these on my way to school everyday from the Open Cor (7-eleven kind of store).  My favorite was ham but obviously that wasn’t happening today.  🙂  I really enjoyed the tomato combo but I’m wish I had added some peppers also for more veggie factor.

One more thing to avoid doing like I do. Don’t forget that the handle is hot because you just took it out of the broiler.  Yeah grabbing the handle as you dish out your wedge will result in a lovely burn that hurts like a mo-fo for the rest of the evening.

Ouchie, ouchie!  Makes typing this post a bit painful as I rest my hand on the laptop.  I hope that shows you how much I love ya’ll 😀

On other think you didn’t know about me…The best natural light I’ve found in my apartment for all my food pictures is at my kitchen window.  But what you don’t see when I take food pictures normally is the mess below the picture….are you ready for it…

Dirty sink

All the stuff leftover from making dinner awaiting Hunni’s wonderful hands to go in those dish gloves and clean up.  The joys of being the chef in this house is Hunni cleans up my dishes.  I love this deal 😀  Yeah we may need to scrub the sink again this weekend too. :-/

Do you have a food that brings back memories?

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  1. Meg permalink
    29/04/2010 9:37 AM

    Deep dish pizza always reminds me of my mom. She makes it every Friday.

    I hope your hand is okay.

  2. 29/04/2010 6:06 PM

    Good hummus reminds me of the amazing stuff I ate at the Biltmore Estate on our honeymoon.

    Don’t feel bad. I’m notorious for grabbing hot pots & pans with my bare hands.

  3. 29/04/2010 8:08 PM

    wow, that looks delicious!

  4. 29/04/2010 8:19 PM

    This looks absolutely delicious, but sounds like a lot of work.

    • 29/04/2010 8:56 PM

      Not really. Just cooking the potatoes takes about 10 minutes. The rest is a flash in the pan. It just sounds hard. I cook the potatoes the night before so I can have dinner ready in under 1/2 and hour.

  5. 29/04/2010 9:52 PM

    Absolutely delicious!!

    Your poor hand!

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