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I’m a Regular


If you follow me on Twitter you saw that I made an appointment with the doc to check my leg out.  I didn’t want to admit it but the icing, anti-inflammatories and stretching just weren’t working.  Even the foam roller I bought yesterday didn’t help at all…though it did hurt like a mofo.  I guess I’m not a doctor and had to go see one 😦

Unfortunately my regular doc is out this week so I saw the back up doc.  He’s doesn’t take time with the patients to hear the concerns but I’ve been dealing with for almost 3 weeks so I sucked it up and made the appointment.  After I explained I’d done the typical R.I.C.E. he suggested Physical Therapy.  I know this route pretty well but was frustrated to have to go back.  Don’t get me wrong…I love my PT’s office but feel so accident prone that I keep ending up there.  In my defense, the first time was for major surgery and the last time my legs were out of balance from improper training…that makes this round three.  I was to the point of almost giving up running because I’m not out to win races and spend so much time in the PT office…but I love running so I stick it out.

Adding insult to injury at the doctor’s office, he suggested I go to a chiropractor.  When I explained my hesitance due to my prior spinal fusion surgery he looked at me like I had three heads and asked what I did.  I rattled off my usual story of “I have Degenerative Disc Disease and I have no idea what I did.  No injuries, car accidents or falls.” He checked my chart saying, “But you are only 28 not 82.”  Thanks Doc!  Like I don’t already feel broken…let’s rub some salt in the wound.  He said I may need a Sports Medicine Doctor if I intend on running…perhaps to teach me how to not end up back in his office.

Then the fun came when I called up my PT office.  I love this place because they work with the local college athletes and treat me like an athlete too.  It’s always a blast because they make it fun and push me hard just like the students. The main desk knows my voice before I even give them my name.  When I asked for an initial appointment they asked if I was being referred back for the IT band/hip issue.  Ugh! No, I suck at running and injured myself again.  This time it’s my knee 😦  She was so sweet saying welcome back and asked if I had a preferred PT.  Sure I’d love to have Boot Camp Steve kick my hiney again.  I’m looking forward to the ribbing I’ll get at my first appointment next Thursday but he should have me fixed in no time…I hope.

Heather over at Hangry Pants had a great thing on her blog today that really had me thinking.  I have been pushing myself harder so that I could run a half and then a full marathon.  I think I may be pushing too hard.  I want to be able to run 3-5 miles when I want well into my old age.  If I push so hard now to just make this goal I may not be able to enjoy my passion for very long.  I think my long distance career may be in the weeds but I’ll enjoy putting one foot in front of the other as long as I can.  It will all add up to a marathon eventually right 😀

How do you handle a change of plans?

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  1. Meg S permalink
    22/04/2010 9:09 AM

    I’m glad you did get into the doctor and you are headed to PT to hopefully begin the healing process soon.

    I try and be as flexible as I can so change doesn’t really deter me for my path for the long run. I am more a day-to-day girl with long-term plans. I think that helps me make changes as I need to.

  2. 22/04/2010 2:47 PM

    So smart for you to go see the doctor. I need to take a cue from you and call my ortho doctor. My knee just isn’t getting all the way better on its own!

    I hope the PT works quickly and thoroughly for you!

  3. 22/04/2010 7:52 PM

    Oh for heaven’s sake, do NOT go to a chiro. You know where I stand. Nuff said.


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