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Hunni and I decided that since we had Patriot’s Day off we would use it to relax before I had to make my trip to Boston.  Of course this involved sleeping in a bit with the puppers.  They are so snuggly in the morning.  Then Hunni and I decided on breakfast/brunch.  There is a new little restaurant in town we have been wanting to try and we headed that direction.  But they weren’t open 😦 and neither were the two other places we know around here for brunch.  So we decided it was a  good road trip day.  Number 21, Bennington, Vermont sounded like a great idea to us.

After driving around for a few minutes we came across a cute little coffee shop that reminded me of my college years.  Fun fun.

Such a fun little place with awesome artwork on the walls and a comfy couch area just to hang out.  Even the bar stools are amazing with the cool coffee pattern in the back.

It wasn’t the diner breakfast Hunni was dreaming of full of waffles and sausage.  But I was happy for the cute little offerings.  And Hunni didn’t seem to mind too much because he got an awesome croissant and cinnamon bun.  I enjoyed a fun bowl of oatmeal with some great mix ins of fruit, brown sugar, and walnuts and an Irish Creme Latte…nice and strong.

And then I was intrigued by something I saw in the cooler case.  I’ve been reading Heather‘s post lately about Goats Milk and the fact that it might not be as bad for lactose intolerant people.  And last night on Food Network they were talking about the same thing.  Must be fate when I saw this…

So cute

Sounded interesting and I was intrigued.  I picked the maple flavor over the chocolate because I love all things maple. Sad to say it was not good.  I don’t know if it was all the cultures they added into it or if milk of any kind shouldn’t be flavored maple but I had a nasty taste in my mouth.  I”m willing to try goats milk again but in that moment Hunni and I needed something to get the taste out of our mouths.

So we went on a fun little walk around down town Bennington in search of a drink and some fun.  Here is some of the fun stuff we saw.

We decided to pick up an old favorite of mine with a bottle of water.

French Favorite

I love this stuff from France when I paid the $5 in a little Paris hotel because the bottle looked like an orange that my French teacher had told me about.

We also decided to stop into a few little shops that the moose were leading us to.  Yep there are moose tracks all over Bennington.  NExt time we visit I will take pictures of some of the fun decorated moose we drove past on our way home.

Follow the yellow moose prints

Book stores are a weakness of mine.  So we stopped in this one in Bennington.

I had fun perusing the shelves and almost bought a ton of cookbooks.  I’m debating on going full vegetarian due to my digestive issues so I was interested in these two books.

But I settled on just getting a few postcards and a book I’ll show you in a later post.  It’s fun.  But look at the cool bag that we got for our purchases.

Such fun artwork

I love little bags like this from shops.

Right next door was a chocolate shop you could smell wafting into the streets.  The sign on the door said home of the chocolate moose.  We just had to take a look.  And there they were…

Mr. & Mrs. 🙂

The walls were lined with chocolate goodies to peruse.  Hunni decided on a solid chocolate baseball mitt and ball and I got two cool new things of tea that are local.  I’m excited to try them.

The rest of the day was spend on random little jaunts here and there before I had to hit the road to Boston.  I hope the trip is fun 🙂

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  1. 20/04/2010 9:09 AM

    what a fun day! And why didn’t I have Patriots Day off? 🙂

    • 20/04/2010 6:52 PM

      We Massachusians are special 🙂 Come run Boston and you can have it off 🙂

  2. Meg S permalink
    22/04/2010 8:50 AM

    Awww what a fun day exploring! Keith and I frequently take road trips just to see what other towns have to offer and we have a blast. It looks like you two had fun too.

    • 22/04/2010 10:13 AM

      It was a blast. We want to go to a few more towns in the next months.

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