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Happy Patriot’s Day!


Living in Massachusetts has lots of pros and cons but one of the biggest pros is we get our own holiday…yep today is Patriot’s Day!  Or as some of us like to think of it Marathon Monday 😀  Tina had some great posts profiling some of the runners of the Boston Marathon over the last week or so.  It was fun to read about some of the people who are running one of the biggest highlights in a running career.  Not that I’ll ever run it (although a girl can dream) but I love watching.  One day I want to watch in person as the hot and sweaty runners breeze past me and cheer them on.  The people on the side line are a huge support for me at the races I run so I would love to do that for a race someday and what could be more fun that cheering on the pack at The Boston Marathon.

And since its our own special holiday here in Massachusetts everything is closed like a regular holdiay…the bank, post office, and especially our office 🙂  That means Hunni and I are taking a day for just us to be bums.  We are sleeping in, going for a nice walk, exploring Lenox finally and grabbing lunch.  I have to drive out to Boston to finally get my business done at Headquarters.  Yeah I know I’ve been saying this for a week but I have to go and it will be good to see my friends since I’m staying at their house tonight.  This is a great holiday!

Last week I got in some great goals.  And I’m pretty dang gone proud of myself for doing them…yep all of them.

  • Get in 3 workouts. I got in the three workouts but also discovered I may have another injury 😦  I will be making an appointment for my doctor on Wednesday to have it checked out.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t require more PT because I don’t want to be told I can’t run even if it is only for 8 weeks.  Besides I’m beginning to think I’m a repeat customer at the PT office.  Until then I’ll be sticking to the less intense stuff like biking and the elliptical.
  • Strength Train at least Once. Who forgot to tell me Glee was on at the same time as LOST!?  I was so annoyed.  So strength training didn’t happen during Glee.  But I did my PT workout after church on Sunday before getting in my third workout.  I’m a weakling again but you have to start somewhere.
  • Buy bike shorts. My new bike “shorts” are perfect.  they are actually pretty cool capris that I’m looking forward to trying out sometime this week.  Hunni decided to pass on a pair because he thinks he can tough it out.  We’ll see how long he goes before his butt is permanently numb.
  • Mail off taxes. Done!  And I even have the Estimated Tax Payments ready to go in the mail this week 🙂
  • Buy groceries. This kept getting put off and put off and put off again.  Sunday I finally made a trip to the local store for the few things we needed and will be stopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods on the way back my meeting that yes I am finally going to.
  • Bake, Bake, Bake. I baked and taste tested and ninja baked and ultimately survived.  I don’t want to bake another thing for a very long time…unless of course it is a healthy sugar-free baked goodie.

No slacking off this week even though there is a holiday.  I’ve got to keep up with the goals and keep pushing forward.

  • Hit the Bike Path. Now that I have the proper attire I need to use it.  Otherwise it would be a big waste of the duckies I spent on the fancy capris.  Besides the weather should be great later this week so I’m going to live it up.
  • Restock the staples. All the basics for my go to meals are out of stock.  I need to hit up the grocery store for the stuff I use most often like almond butter and yogurt.  And of course I’ll peruse the aisles to find some new things to try…a girl’s got to shop 😀
  • Replan my vacation. So plans with our friends fell through for June but we already have the days off.  So Hunni and I are doing our own thing for vacation.  We still have to go to two weddings that week but I’m thinking a little side trip to DC is in order as well as visiting my friend from college at our old camp.  The great road trip will commence planning this week.
  • Get checked out. Okay I’m terrified that I’ll have to do PT again and this may be the end of my longer distance dreams for running.  But I really need to know for sure before I go spending the money on a half marathon and completely mess up any hopes I have of enjoying a 5K “career.”
  • Get ahead on work. I’ve been tending to be a last minute girl lately but I have no excuse for not actually doing work in the office.  Unless of course I’m distracted by Twitter, Facebook and other internet fun 😀

Off to enjoy Marathon Monday and root on the runner’s today!

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  1. Meg S permalink
    22/04/2010 8:46 AM

    I love how dedicated you are to your goals. I wish I could be the same way. Great job getting things done!

    I wish we had a holiday like your Patriot Day, it would be nice to have a day where pretty much everything was shut down.

    • 22/04/2010 10:14 AM

      Thanks Meg! It was fun to have the day off but annoying that a ton of stuff was closed that we wanted to explore.

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