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Ill Timed Start


Okay the other day I pledged no more sugar and Diet Coke.  Big mistake…huge….awful mistake.  I was not prepared to make this drastic of a change right now.  I did fine on the Diet Coke because I don’t drink it too often and I wasn’t drinking it everyday even now.  So I avoided it today and think I can do that for a good bit.  But my bake-off continued today.

I didn’t make my trip to Boston because I had a lot to bake today (5 hours!) and honestly I was sugar sick from last night.  I was working a bunch last night on the some of the stuff like brownies, and cookies and cupcakes…oh my.  And the worst offender of them all was homemade butter cream frosting.  Oh my nemesis.  Good quality whipped butter, vanilla and lots of powdered sugar.  I tried so hard to not taste any of it.  But itwas calling my name….Cynthia…Cynthia…just one taste. And one taste turned into two and more and a big puffy sick stomach.  Ouchie, ouchie!

I asked for some help on how to avoid doing so again and got this great suggestion from Mish.  Ninja Baking!

Ready to fight the sugar.

I had a ton of stuff to make.  Hence the reason it took 5 hours of my time today.  I was going to be in a fight with the sugar monster living in me today.

That’s just a sampling…to busy to take pictures of it all but there are tons of things like Oreo Truffle Balls, Paula Deen lemon bars (I think my heart just stopped from the 2 sticks of butter needed), triple chocolate brownies,  whoopie pies, chocolate chip butterscotch cookies along with oatmeal raisin, old-fashioned PB and plain old chocolate chip.  And yes that is infamous butter cream frosting for all the cupcakes.  So sugarlicious I really couldn’t resist.

Just a taste or two.

Luckily I had a helper today to slap my hand when I was making googley eyes at the treats.

They are clean!

Not that he didn’t have his own agenda.  He was my official taste tester.  😀

Big Bite!

Sorry Hunni but words like crunchy and crumbly really don’t tell me if the flavor is off.  But the poor guy had his hands full fighting me off from taste testing on my wares and from the puppers wanting to taste test too.

They followed us around like, well dogs, all day begging for a treat.  So I felt bad and baked some puppy treats too.  Puppy treats are a lot easier than I thought and I had all the ingredients on hand.

A little of this a little of that and presto chango we have doggie cookies.  I’ll spare you the picture of the finished product because it’s not exactly appetizing.Peanut and Leo didn’t seem to mind…in fact they enjoyed them very much.

Notice my gym shoes in the background of Peanut’s picture that did not get used today.  Hopefully my sugar sick stomach will feel up to me using them tomorrow.

My baking style kind of leave a mess.  Heck kind of isn’t the right term.  I used every utensil we had and stuffed our sink full of dishes.

Just a sampling of my mess.

Good thing I have a live in maid…uh Hunni 🙂  He is the house cleaner extraordinaire in our house.

Enjoys his job 😀

If he has any complaints I’ll remind him of all the free goodies he got today and that he’ll get to eat any bake sale leftovers.

Now the true sugar fast begins tomorrow…I promise.

Do you make a mess in the kitchen?

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  1. 17/04/2010 1:27 PM

    I love it. It works.

  2. 17/04/2010 2:30 PM

    is there any way to not have your kitchen be a mess after baking? 🙂

    • 17/04/2010 2:45 PM

      I personally think that fairies come and sprinkle way more flower or powdered sugar everywhere when I put my creations in the oven. 🙂

  3. 17/04/2010 3:45 PM

    Alright, ninja baking is the best idea ever!! Love it 🙂

    I make a huge mess in the kitchen, but since we have limited counter space, sink space and dishes, I try to clean up as I go.

    • 17/04/2010 5:55 PM

      Mish has all the credit for that one!

      I’m lucky we have a larger kitchen so I can make a huge mess 🙂

  4. 17/04/2010 11:07 PM

    You were one busy baker! So glad your maid is very cooperative and cleans up after you!!

    I do tend to make a mess in the kitchen. I’m very fast though – and can clean quick as a wink. Well, as long as there aren’t little people underfoot!

    • 18/04/2010 12:29 PM

      I’m learning to be faster at cleaning. I’m just spoiled that Hunni cleans for me.

  5. Meg S permalink
    22/04/2010 8:07 AM

    Wow! Look at you go! I’m sorry your baking made you sick, I probably would have ended up the same way. I can’t resist sampling when I am baking too. You have inspired me, and maybe I’ll do a bit of baking today too.

    And yes, I do make a mess too when I bake. It is probably why I don’t venture into the kitchen very often, I hate the thought of the clean-up.

    • 22/04/2010 10:16 AM

      I hate the clean up so that’s why it’s Hunni’s job. I just bribe him with baked goods 🙂


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