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Make New Friends


I was a Girl Scout in elementary school.  We had a song that we always sang called “Make New Friends.”  Momma even taught it to my troop in sign language for a badge.  How cool is that!?  How much cooler is it that I can still remember all the signs to the song. 🙂

Well today I decided to make a few new food friends.  I’ve got a pretty consistent diet of the same old same olds.  I could probably go to the grocery store and buy my old standbys without even making a list.  Sure I add a few random ingredients every now and again for recipes but my cupboards and fridge consist of the same things from week to week.  This week I’ve only had a chance to stop by BJ’s thus far since the family left and thus left us with no food.  But I did pick up a few new things to try.

First off I love Greek yogurt but I buy the Trader Joe’s brand since Chiobani is way too expensive at the regular grocery and I don’t like pre-flavored yogurt anyway.  But at BJ’s they had a huge container for a decent price.

Huge Chiobani

And since I can’t make it to TJ’s until Friday I was desperate for my Greek fix.  I bought this guy and hoped for the best. This morning I decided to break it out and whip up a quick breakfast since I woke up with 15 minutes until  work.  Threw my hair up in a bun and made this deliciousness.

Yummy mess.

Strawberries were on sale this week so they made the perfect fruit addition.  Add a bit of honey drizzle and stir.  It was quite good.  A bit tangy-er than my normal but nothing a little more honey couldn’t fix.

Ready to mix

It was great and tasted like dessert.  Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast.  Beat the cookie dough I have chilling in the fridge that I thought about snacking on had a bit of.

I also have a love for bagels but don’t love how big they are for sandwiches or how many points/calories they have.  I use them as a treat when eating out because I’m afraid to keep them in the house and eat them every day.  But my friend Kate and WW leader suggest these as a substitute…

Thomas without the nooks

I took a gamble and hoped they were good because I bought the BJ’s sized pack.  But after all the rave reviews I hear I took a deep breath and made the purchase.  Worse come to worse Hunni would eat them because he eats anything 🙂  They are like the bagel with a good inch in the middle removed.  I always get to full eating bagel sandwiches so they sounded perfect.  And they were.

My lunch

I grilled up my homemade tofu burgers, added the toppings and devoured.  This bagel had two things going for it.  1. I could actually get my mouth around the whole sandwich.  2.  I could taste all the toppings and not just bread.  I liked them.  I just wish they made a wheat or pumpernickel flavor to make them even better.  I’ll post the recipe for the tofu burgers soon because Momma is begging me for the recipe after I tempted her with one while she was up last weekend.  So simple and so yummy.

Notice the green monster in the background.  I realized lately I’ve been sorely lacking in veggies (for me) and I needed to up the ante on lunch.  I threw in a ton of spinach, a frozen banana and some almond milk in the blender and whizzed away.  I normally add other frozen fruit to my GM’s but I wanted the traditional today.  And it was good.  Sometimes the original is just the best.  And it was thick and creamy.

I guess I’ll have to be more adventurous with my ingredient selections if today’s turned out so well.

Have you tried any new ingredients lately?

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  1. 14/04/2010 9:45 AM

    we just bought those bagel thins, too, but I haven’t tried them yet. I may not get a chance, either, since my husband has eaten at least one every day 🙂

    that’s a huge yogurt container!

  2. 14/04/2010 12:19 PM

    typically, i’m like you, i stick to my normal “friends.” so it is funny you should ask, because yes, i did just try something new. i read on another blog about mixing oatmeal with a cooked egg. i gave it a shot and wow, it is really good.

    great job with the uber-healthy eating!

  3. 14/04/2010 2:38 PM

    I haven’t done a lot of experimenting lately. I really plan to though – especially once our farmer’s market opens!

    Love your food pictures!

    • 14/04/2010 8:52 PM

      Aww thanks! I can’t wait to buy some new fun stuff at the farmer’s market too.

  4. Elizabeth A. permalink
    15/04/2010 2:52 PM

    I’ve been doing more with salads as an entree-mixing it all up and making a big one so that we have leftovers for lunch that we can eat with half a sandwich or our soups with our meals to get in some more veggies. I’ve found ways to use lower calorie dressings and add in some fruit for a sweeter taste.

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