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Speed Limit?


Friday we drove back from dropping off the two most adorable little girls who had visited us this week for spring break.  We love those little creatures and it feels weird to be in our home without them.  And Peanut and Leo look so confused that they don’t have 4 little hands chasing them down to pet them every second.  We’ll patiently wait until their next visit.

But the one thing that we were not patient with was traffic.  We left around 9am trying to avoid the rush hour traffic.  No go!  Peanut and Leo and Hunni got a great view of Lincoln Financial Field home of his favorite Eagles while I got the view of a speed limit sign like the one on the left.  The only difference was the speed limit was 55 and it said we were going 7…yep you read that right 7MPH!  We were moving along at a crawl that did not make me happy.  I just wanted to get home and lay on my couch with my furbabies instead of being stuck in my van for 14 of the last 24 hours.

Kind of gets me in the same mindset that I’m worrying about for my Weight Watchers weigh ins.  We’ve all heard that the average weight loss is 2 pounds per week.  I have gained about 5 with my emotional eating this past month which means two or so weeks and I should lose it right?  Wrong!  I don’t lose weight that way.  I’m the 1 pound here…0.8 pounds there… 0.2 over here.  And then there’s the gains.  I get so annoyed when I’m not the 2 pounds+ per week girl.

But then I have to remind myself that 2 pounds is great but Weight Watchers is designed to lose 0.5-2 pounds per week.  Sure 2 pounds would be wonderful but I need to be happy with the loss no matter what.  Sure it may take me a month or so to lose the weight I’ve gained but I will get it off.  I know the program, I know my fitness routines, and I know my life and how to live it…and I can do it.  Not just I can…I will!  My speed limit may not look like the one above and may be more like the signs we saw in Philly but I can do it my own way and will get there either way just like I got home today…just not as fast as everyone else.

Do you get frustrated when things don’t go as planned?

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  1. 10/04/2010 9:54 AM

    i definitely get frustrated when things don’t go as planned (and i hate crawling in traffic too!).

    i know how frustrating a slow weight loss is. your head is in the right place, keep plugging along and the weight will come off. don’t judge yourself by the WW rules, your body doesn’t care what the WW rules are.

    btw, i live outside of philly as well, where are you?

  2. 11/04/2010 11:19 PM

    Ok, just saw this posting.. so inspiring. I’m sure you’ve already lost some, but thanks for posting this so honestly! I was feeling so guily about gaining about 5 pounds, too!

    • 12/04/2010 9:23 AM

      Yeah don’t feel guilty. Busyness, depression, whatever happens to all of us. Just go back 🙂

  3. Meg permalink
    12/04/2010 6:40 AM

    Ohhh I hear ya on the weight loss. I don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason in how I lose or if I lose. I do feel like my body is pretty happy at the weight it is at, despite the fact that it is not a healthy weight for me. I’ve come down to about 5 lbs less than what I currently weigh with a lot of work but never really able to push past it. So, lately I’ve just been accepting that number even thought I really should get at least another 10 pounds off.

    I’m hoping now that I can be more active with the spring weather, that my body will give me some encouragement to keep going.

    • 12/04/2010 9:22 AM

      Sometimes our body has a happy weight. I hope that you can encourage your body with activity this summer though.

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