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Food Revolution


Last night I was obsessed with Jaime Oliver.  Something about British men with crazy accents who can cook.  His new show Food Revolution intrigued me because it’s exactly what I think about American food.  When we are more likely to reheat stuff and the real whole foods get chucked in the bin it’s no wonder our society is so unhealthy.  Families are more likely to each eat our of a box than a fully prepared meal.  My dinner tonight took 15 minutes from start to finish…not much longer than the typical Stouffers takes to cook and much healthier.

I felt so bad for the one family where the mother truly wanted to help her children but her freezer was stuffed to the gill with frozen pizza and her deep fat fryer was her favorite means of cooking.  She knew no different but knew she was hurting her family.  I was so proud of the teen when Jaime offered to teach him to cook and he seemed really interested.  If only we could get more american teens to get in the kitchen instead of the pizza parlour.  How much healthier would we be as a society?

And I was angered by the “government” rules of needing to serve two breads with every school lunch.  Jaime was right that this is what is going to make those kids fatter.  Who needs rice and a roll?  And since when does one slice of pizza count as two bread?  I think they were just making things up.  I have no delusions that my kids will eat some of that crap when they get into school but when my cousins visit they love to try new things like hummus and sushi instead of processed food like stuffs.

I can’t wait to see how this show progresses to see if Jaime can get through the head of these people, healthy doesn’t mean just lettuce and in the long run their lives will be happier and healthier instead of rapidly declining in quality.  Ooooo this is good.

Did you catch Food Revolution?

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  1. 23/03/2010 8:23 AM

    My mom was telling me about this show. I’m looking forward to watching. I really think education is key when it comes to healthy eating, both for children and adults.

  2. Beth permalink
    23/03/2010 9:18 AM

    I have to say public school lunches are yucky and I really wonder who decided that they were healthy. When I was subbing one of the kids favorite lunches was “Italian Dunkers” which was a hot dog roll with mozz. cheese melted on top and spaghetti sauce to dip it in. How this was considered a balanced meal is beyond me…maybe it’s because they made you take a fruit to go with your bread and cheese. My kids are going to be lunch boxers. That’s all I have to say about school lunches.

  3. 23/03/2010 12:15 PM

    I totally missed it, but I know the big special will be on Friday night. I’m going to have to tape it.

  4. 23/03/2010 2:23 PM

    I’ve been reading about him. It sounds so great – I need to see if they are going to re-air it!

  5. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now permalink
    23/03/2010 4:56 PM

    I’ll be watching Friday. I missed the one on Monday, but it really sounds good. I actually did catch the end but was totally confused haha!

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