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Walk? + Goals


The weather was gorgeous all week and Hunni and I took Peanut and Leo on a few longer walks than normal but I was looking forward to a long walk Sunday after church.  But I was super annoyed to look out my window and see this…

This morning's weather.

Not so perfect for a nice long walk.  Especially since it was sleeting…kind of snot weather not fun weather.  But after church the weather relented and we bundled up the babies for a walk.  Peanut and Leo had a blast.  Lots of barrel rolls and faces buried in the snow.  Perhaps I should have worn boots because the trail looked like this…

I guess they didn't plow this part.

I braved it for a bit but these shoes were not made for walking in the snow.  And I’m not insane like these people.

Crazy Ice Fishermen.

Notice the water you can see near the edge…insanity to be sitting out there in a fold up chair.  I think we’ll stick to walking in the slush.

Looking for new sniffs.

Since we’re (I’m) talking about walks with the puppers I’m going to start with my goals from this week.

  • Eat out no more than 2x. Good thing I gave myself one extra meal out because I had a meeting come up at the last-minute that required a trip to Boston.  So I ate at the Whole Foods Salad bar per my usual.  But I did bring my own breakfast (the last butternut squash muffin) so I could stay on target.  And my body is the better for it…not a lot of IBS pains this week.  I love the bonus.
  • Finalize plans with friends for vacation. We got it all figured out.  Actually I pawned this on Hunni while I dealt with a ton of crap this week.  So we are set for our vacation in June…now onto planning for September.
  • Figure out alternative fuels for running. I’ve been eating raisins and seem to be doing well.  I bought a bunch and I don’t get tired after my long runs if I eat a few during my walk breaks.  I’m sure I’ll have to revisit this for my half-marathon training since I’ll be running up to 2 hours but so far so good.
  • Take Peanut and Leo for a long walk. Confession:  The above mentioned walk only lasted 10 minutes.  But Hunni and I did take the dogs on two long walks around our little down town twice this week.  The enjoyed it immensely and the weather was much better.  I can’t wait to make this a weekly occurrence.
  • Create a new baking project. Okay I did this but Hunni ended up eating them all.  The cookies were just not worth it.  They didn’t even taste that good.  So I’ll be baking something else from the list.  I guess I can’t feel all bad if I had one fail out of three sugar-free recipes thus far.  Not a bad ratio if I do say so myself.

I’m thinking, thinking, thinking about new goals for this week.  I have a lot to do but don’t want to fail this week.  So here is a bit of a challenge for this new week but not setting myself up for failure.

  • Finish cutting out quilt and start sewing. Time is quickly ticking away to finish this quilt before 10 April.  I don’t want to be a slacker and make it like Teisha’s and Monica’s quilts that are still to be finished.  How lame would it be to have to put an IOU for a quilt in a card again.  Our schedules have changed for the better so I can use some time almost every night to work on this.  Thank God I picked and easy pattern that should fly by once I have it all cut.
  • Request vacation time. Okay so we’ve planned our trip for June but officially we don’t have the time off.  It’s just a matter of paperwork…it’s not like it will get denied but I actually have to do the paperwork.  It always gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list since I am afraid we won’t actually take it.  No more…I need to blow this popsicle stand this summer and enjoy the company of others so to the top of the list it goes this week.
  • Yoga 2 times. Okay every time I put this on my workout schedule I miss it and make excuses.  But every time I put it on my goals I push to do it.  OS this week it’s going on both.  Longer distances lately need more stretching and I have a great runners yoga from Yoga Downloads that I can do at least twice.
  • Plan romantic date for Hunni. We plan a date for each other once a month but time is slipping into the future on this month so I need to plan my date.  Shhhh don’t tell Hunni I want it to be a surprise (he doesn’t read the blog).
  • Make at least two phone calls to friends. I’ve gotten better at writing and emailing and texting but actual phone conversations are limited.  But my friend Monica called me this week and really lifted my spirits.  So I’m going to do the same for at least two friends this week.  I hate talking on the phone but it is an important part of building relationships.  I need to talk someone’s ear off this week so I stop feeling so isolated again.

So I worked out and burned more calories this week than last…I’m guessing since I didn’t have my watch for half the week.  But I went way off script.  Confession #2:  I didn’t even look at the list I created this week when things went haywire on Tuesday.  But I did get in my 6.5 mile run on Sunday which was the biggest thing.    But here’s what I did get done this week.

  • Monday- NADA!
  • Tuesday- Upper Body Circuit
  • Wednesday- NADA!
  • Thursday- 60 minute Galloway Run
  • Friday- Calorie Scorcher
  • Saturday- 60 minute Galloway Run
  • Sunday- 6.5 mile Galloway Run

But this week is much better and hopefully less stressful so I intend on sticking to my plan.  So here we go.

  • Monday- Elliptical Intervals, PT Exercises
  • Tuesday- 60 minute Galloway Run
  • Wednesday- Walking Intervals
  • Thursday- Yoga at home, Hill Run
  • Friday- 60 minute Galloway Run, Mixed Body Circuit
  • Saturday- 6.0 Mile Galloway run on trail, yoga at home
  • Sunday- Long walk with dogs, Calorie Scorcher.

Okay so it looks a lot like last week’s exercise goals. But I’m scaling them back a bit.  I’m ready, willing and able to challenge myself for the week. So ready or not…wait I am ready… here we go!

What are your goals for this week?

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  1. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now permalink
    15/03/2010 11:16 AM

    How fun that you plan a date for each other every month! Good luck planning this one!

  2. 15/03/2010 5:00 PM

    My plans for the week would be getting 28 miles in and doing two sessions of strength. I suck at getting my strength training in!

  3. 15/03/2010 5:28 PM

    I love your goals and your plans! So smart to really think ahead.

    I admire you for braving the elements and exercising in all the slush! Your doggies are so adorable.

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