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She’s Back


I am victorious today!  Today I feel like the real me…whatever that means.  I guess this needs a bit explanation to really understand.

Let’s start out with my watch…yep the watch I left hotel and went crazy without.  Well it arrived on Wednesday (not Tuesday like I was promised) and I’ve been putting it to good use.

Ready for a run.

My longest runs to date I was sans watch and felt lost.  I didn’t know how to accurately measure my calories.  Sure I loved the idea of running and did it anyway but without my watch I just felt naked.  I wear it for every workout and I kept looking down at my wrist for the readouts.  I would have gone batty with too many more workouts like that.  Now that she’s back I’m back at loving to add up the calories I burn each with all the nifty features.  I’m glad I finally read that little book…so many tricks this little gal can do.

I got in a great 5 mile run this afternoon and I feel back!  Prior to my back injury I would run up to 5 miles a day and love every second of it.  Post surgery I had a hard time getting over 3 miles and not dying in the process.  I missed the old me but was grateful to be running at all.  Everything I’d read and been told said I would be lucky to use the elliptical and walk hills.  But running is my passion and I was enjoying the smaller distances instead of nothing at all.  The elliptical and I could never be BFF’s.  But now I’m regularly running 5 miles at a time and loving every second of it.  I’m still using the Galloway method so 60 minutes and 5 miles fly by.  I’d push for more but I want to enjoy the runs and not die at the end.  And so far no pain involved.  I guess I finally learned the stretching and icing lessons I’ve been taught by several different PT’s.  Bootcamp Steve would be proud 🙂 .

I also had a shopping victory today.  Ever since I saw this post on Kath’s blog at Christmas I’ve been hunting down the shirt she got.  I love running outside and that shirt looked perfect for the cooler weather I run in during early spring.  I search high and low and no store seemed to have it.  I really wanted to try it on first because I hate returning clothes from online so I was reluctant to order it directly from Under Armour.  Then on our trip to the Boston area the other day for work I found it! I needed a little retail therapy after a long day and City Sports in Dedham is in they same plaza as Whole Foods…An IBS patients dream lunch.  I walked in there the illusive shirt was, hanging right in the front of the store when I went in looking for a foam roller.  I promptly tried it on and was glad I hadn’t ordered online first.  I’m a medium in most shirts and the medium was way too tight.  So I knew I needed a large…darn irregular sizes.  I wanted it in pink like Kath but City Sports only had black and white.  I took a gamble and waited until I got home to try to order pink…I’m on a pink kick lately…makes me feel girly.  But Under Armour only had black and white online too so I ordered it in black.  But I was happy that I scored a big discount and free shipping.  It arrived today…

I intended on putting it to use with a run or a long walk with the dogs in our 40’s weather of this week but it quickly devolved into sleet and snow.  Yuck!  It will have to wait for another day.  Poor Peanut and Leo got soaked on just a short walk.

Soaked babies.

Hopefully we’ll be back to our Sunday afternoon long walks tomorrow after church.  My shirt should be good for that.  Of course it will be after I get in my 6.5 training run for my race….it’s quickly approaching.  I’m back baby and eagerly anticipating starting to train my half marathon.  I really feel like me now.

Have you searched for something you’ve seen on a blog?

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  1. Celia Brent permalink
    14/03/2010 2:17 AM

    Question: You had BACK surgery and are back to running?
    I ask because I used o run – it was my passion. Then car wreck plus arthritis in turbo mode caused a bulging disc in my neck, and my ortho surgeon said it’s so close to the spinal cord that her recommendation was cortizone shots between the joints, and NO more running. Not now, not ever. Her opinion was seconded by another ortho surgeon.
    I tried the elliptical, swimming, aerobics, but running was my thing. I used to say 5 miles a day kept the doctor away.
    Can they surgically fix some problems so you can run again, and how compicated was the surgery?

  2. 14/03/2010 3:57 PM

    I’m so glad you found the shirt you wanted! It looks adorable. Boo for not being able to find pink.

    I have the same HRM and I know how you mean about feeling lost without it. Seeing my calorie burn always encourages me to push a little harder and I pace myself better with the clock.

    • 14/03/2010 4:43 PM

      Thanks Katie.

      I agree on my HRM pushing me. At the end of a run it pushes me that last little bit.

  3. 17/03/2010 12:24 AM

    I love that top, but am sad that you need a large… cuz it definitely won’t fit me! Oh well… maybe if I lose 10 more pounds!

    Can you tell me all the features of your watch and what the model is? I’m thinking of getting one. I love running on the treadmill at the gym, but I can’t get my butt running outside… I love gadgets… so this might do the trick!

    Thanks!!! Again, lemme know when you’re in Boston- I’d love to meet up sometime! Even just for tea, so we can be good and save our money! 🙂

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