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Stay the Same


In life “stay the same” is not one phrase I generally like to hear.  Sure I hate change but I know it’s necessary.  I know that if I become stagnant and “stay the same” I’ll start to stink.  I am growing and changing all the time which is why I named my blog It All Changes.

So when I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and hear that I had roughly stayed the same (about a 0.2 loss) I got this pit in my stomach.  I Am so used to hearing that I either gained or lately that I’ve been loosing.  The notion of my weight staying the same kind of struck me funny.  Isn’t this what I’ve worked so hard for.  Isn’t this why I lost all the weight to begin with.  For the chance to get to a weight I was happy with and stay there.  I don’t want to be stuck in the yo-yo pattern that I so often fall into in my past.  I want to be healthy at this weight for the rest of my life.  So why does it feel strange to stay the same on the scale.

Partly I think it’s because I spent 3 years getting to this point and relying on the scale.  It’s engrained in me that the scale should go down each week. Old habits die-hard so I’m working on that still.  But part of me thinks its even harder to actually maintain my weight.  You mean I can eat more food. Huh?  I’ve been eating less with each loss to keep losing.  Not anything dangerous like in my past but as my weight went down my body needed less and less food.  Now to maintain I’m playing around with the foods I can eat and in what quantities to maintain.  I don’t want to get too lax and gain it all back but if I’m too strict I feel deprived and go nuts.  Tricky balance this maintainance is.

And the sad thing is my body is fully ready to go back to where it was if I were to give in and just eat whatever whenever.  I was reading an old issue of SELF and the actress Kerri Russell said she is just blessed with being thin and always has been.  She can eat donuts every day and go out to eat all the time and not really gain weight.  I wish!  Besides the fact that donuts would eat up my insides they would quickly add weight to my outsides as well.  My body still has the skin to expand and the stomach that craves the food that would aid in this process.  I’ve gained weight before and didn’t even realize it so I know that it can happen easily if I’m not careful.

So for me right now staying the same is a victory.  I was diligent in what I ate and how I worked out this week even if they weren’t perfect (and they never will be).  And my reward was a strong healthy body that is still at the same place that I worked so hard to get to.

How do you deal with maintaining your weight versus losing weight?

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  1. 13/03/2010 10:48 PM

    Yes! Staying the same once you get where you want to go is the ultimate goal! It is a bit of a strange feeling though!

  2. 15/03/2010 5:18 PM

    Maintenance is a really tough place to be. I remember when I made lifetime and they told me I didn’t need to count points anymore. I panicked. How was I supposed to keep losing weight? That was just the point…I wasn’t supposed to be losing weight anymore. I’d been in “lose” mode for so long that I really had to adjust my thinking to make maintenance make sense.

    • 15/03/2010 5:43 PM

      Yeah I still count because its comforting. I don’t think I could stop but I’ve stopped losing even if it hasn’t registered with my brain yet.

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