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I’m That Old Lady


So tonight’s exercise plan did go exactly as well planned.  Hunni had a last-minute meeting which meant I would have had to walk to the gym since my bike has a flat.  But I was whiney and didn’t want to walk there and back.  Sure I got completely dressed with double sports bras and all and then ended up doing some strength training at home.  It was a great workout.  I forgot how good of a workout I could get at home with my equipment.

I had a date tonight with Sarah for LOST but she had to cancel so I planned on running during the new episode.  That would keep me running the entire hour for sure.  Then I had an unfortunate incident with dairy…a lot of dairy.  I’m sensitive to dairy and completely forgot that today when I ate yogurt at breakfast and lunch and cheese for snack and on pizza for dinner.  Dairy Overload!  I planned on lounging on the couch all night…in my gym clothes.

Then my phone alarm went off for a calendar event….ooops.  Two kids in our church had a choral concert tonight and I had promised we’d go.  I guess it was a good thing Sarah couldn’t come over.  So we quickly changed (running tights and a tank aren’t exactly appropriate) drove over to the school.  That’s when I morphed into that old lady.  You know the one.  The one who yells at the teenagers who won’t shut up throughout the ENTIRE concert.  Yep I turned around at least 4 times to tell them to knock it off and stop being rude.  Each time was followed by a lot of “OMG”s and “That old lady just told me to shut up.”  I’m no longer cool I guess.

Good thing I got in that strength workout today and I’ll be hitting the gym for a run tomorrow evening during Criminal Minds.  But it was worth it to miss to see those kids so happy singing.  The loud mouth cat calling teens I could do without but the concert was cute.

And I made some new sugar-free treats that were more of a trick than a treat.  At least my personal garbage disposal (Hunni) will eat them.  I’ll eat my celery and take the rest of the night off.

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