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Banking for change


Sunday was a crazy day but when isn’t a Sunday crazy.  After all the church things Hunni and I decided to take the afternoon for ourselves.  We stopped by Panera Bread and enjoyed a leisurely lunch filled with great conversation.  I enjoy those little date times with Hunni when we can just be ourselves and not Lt. Cynthia or Lt. Russell (even if we were in uniform 🙂 ).

Then I was on a mission to find a dress to wear to a wedding we have to go to in a month.  Sure I have a dress that I could wear and wore to a wedding last August but I wanted a new dress.  And TJ Maxx was a great place to look for a variety.  Unfortunately the only dress I found that I even remotely liked made it look like I had an intertube around my hips.  Not to self: Stretch is not always my friend.

But Hunni had fun looking in the housewares department.  We have completely opposite tastes in decorating.  I’m more minimalist and lets just say he picked up an Ed Hardy coffee mug and said “I want this.”  No way, Jose!  But I did give in for one purchase…

Oooo Shiney!

Not my style at all.  Hunni pleaded his case by saying we could easily save $200 in change in this bad boy and then spend it on something fun.  We have a bad habit of not saving change and just spending it as mad money.  His biggest selling point was that he couldn’t fit his hand in the mouth of the jar to fish out the quarters.  I quickly thought of a way to get out of purchasing this monstrosity.  I figured it had to be at least $25 so I told him we could buy it if it was under $20.  Imagine my chagrin when I turned the thing over and saw this…

Darn TJ Maxx prices.

Yep I had to concede and purchase the darn thing.  Hunni proudly carried it out of the store like his new baby.  He set it in its new home nestled next to our entertainment center and beamed like a proud papa.

I decided to hold Hunni to his promise of saving the change in there and added my own mad money stash to the funds first.

The start?

Who knows what we’ll do with the money we’ll save in here but I don’t want to be the one to lift it when we take it to the coin counter.  I made Hunni promise he would do so to avoid more back injuries (to me anyway) and because this bad boy is heavy without the change in it.

At least it was a fun afternoon.  No I just have to convince Hunni one is enough since they had two others in different colors and shapes he would like to give a home to.  One is plenty.

Do you save your change?  How do you save it?

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  1. 09/03/2010 10:16 AM

    that’s a great idea!

    We do save ours, but we’ve never really done anything with it except using the quarters for washing the cars 🙂 We have a tin on Nick’s dresser that is FILLED!

    • 09/03/2010 12:17 PM

      Thanks Brandi. I’m warming up to the idea. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

  2. 09/03/2010 11:09 AM

    That is the funniest looking thing I’ve ever seen – I love that Russell picked it out haha We keep ours in a Transformers tin – geeky, right?

  3. 09/03/2010 1:01 PM

    LOL – sorry your estimate was a little off! I won’t be bringing you for help when I’m on “The Price is Right”! 😉

    We have a glass jar on the husband’s dresser where we store all our change, but it only holds $20-30 at a time. We have to bring it to the bank way more often now that we don’t use quarters for our laundry machines; we used to save those in a different container.

  4. 09/03/2010 1:40 PM

    Good plan with saving the coin. It does add up!

    We save our coin and if I have an extra $10 or $20 in my purse I even sometimes turn it in for quarters to keep the fund going.

    We are putting all of our extra money toward either Ireland or a new TV. It is fun to see small change add up!

    • 09/03/2010 4:15 PM

      Thanks Meg! I was skeptical about how much we could save but it really does add up.

  5. 05/02/2011 12:29 PM

    My family throws all our spare change in an old apple cider jug. I went to Portland with my mom and sister last year, and we had enough change in there after a year to pay for a plane ticket!

    • 05/02/2011 1:32 PM

      That’s our hope. We had to borrow from it (ala the movie UP!) to pay for puppy medical bills recently but it’s filling back up quickly. It’s habit to just throw the change in there. 🙂

  6. 05/02/2011 3:51 PM

    that is awesome – and funny that the price came in under your limit – hee! 😉

    we have a carboy (big water machine bottle) that we keep change in… my rule is silver only, no pennies (those are saved in a different jar). I did this once in college, and once it was full? it was $1700 !! 🙂 and yes… I needed a hand truck thing to take it to the bank…

    • 05/02/2011 6:45 PM

      That is so cool! We had to use a bit the lat month for unexpected puppy bills bit we are excited to see how much is in it when it is full. Hunni counted it at one point and we had over $250.


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