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Flying High


I used to always read blogs that talked about long runs and get jealous.  I was strictly a 5K runner and never ran over 3.5 miles at a time.  Prior to my back surgery I could run up to 5 miles but hadn’t really attempted anything since longer than a 5K out of fear.  Sure I had started to train for the Tufts 10K last fall but never got past a 3 mile training run.  So I can happily say Sunday that I completed my longest run to date…pre or post surgery.  I ran 6 miles!  That’s a long run for me.   My race in a few weeks is 6.55 miles so I can safely say that as long as I keep training smartly I’ll be able to run that no problem.  The Galloway method is genius and makes my 20 minute running segments pass by like nothing.  I feel like I’m flying high after each run and can’t wait to start my Half marathon training soon 🙂

Speaking of exercising this past week here goes the recap…

  • Monday- 45 minute Galloway Run, Walk around outlets for 1 hour looking for shoes and lunch (okay so maybe this isn’t exercise but I walk quickly from store to store in search of the perfect pair of uniform shoes).
  • Tuesday- 45 minute Galloway Run, 30 minute circuit, 30 minute walk
  • Wednesday- Day off (I’m going to meet Kara in NYC after my day full of meetings)
  • Thursday- Mall Walking (we’ll be near a huge mall but no gym)
  • Friday- Walking around Boston all day. 30 minute Galloway Run
  • Saturday- 45 60 minute Galloway Run, Upper Body Circuit
  • Sunday- 6.0 mile Galloway Run, Lower Body Circuit, PT exercises
  • Not exactly the best I’d hoped for but I got in some great runs this week and I’m feeling amazing.  This coming week I’m hoping to do even better.

    • Monday- Elliptical Intervals, PT Exercises, Mixed Body Circuit
    • Tuesday- 45 minute Galloway Run
    • Wednesday- Walking Intervals
    • Thursday- Yoga at home, Hill Run, PT exercises
    • Friday- 45 minute Galloway Run, Upper Body Circuit
    • Saturday- 45 minute running intervals, Lower Body Circuit
    • Sunday- 6.5 mile Galloway Run

    • Heather had a great idea to devote one day to just do yoga so that will be my Thursday evening exercise instead of hitting the gym.  I think it will be perfect to do during Survivor.  Maybe not as zen as some like it but it will be perfect for me.


      I set my goals pretty light this week since my schedule would be pretty packed.  I didn’t want my head to explode trying to go big…I just would have gone home 🙂

      • Only one treat meal.  Despite eating out all week I only made one meal a treat.  Sure I ate some chocolate to soothe my nerves one night but my treat meal was at Franchia with Kara and accomplished number 85.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  I will definitely make the effort to hand out with Kara again when I go back in September. And besides my one treat meal really wasn’t too decadent allowing for the chocolate bar Hunni bought me to relax before our long trip to Boston the next morning.
      • Snack healthy. They tempted me greatly with fresh-baked pastries, chocolate flowing freely and an endless supply of soda.  But I stuck to my copious amounts of water, dried fruit, yogurt and a few mini Luna or Lara bars.  And it kept me satisfied and able to avoid all the crap that would have put me in pain.  The lunches did that enough with the hidden sugars.
      • Spend responsibly. Mission accomplished.  Both Hunni and I got new uniform shoes for a great price.  I also got a fun new coffee mug to add to my collection now that I’m drinking a coffee a day.  It’s cute and stripey.  And I got some new Under Armour gear at the outlet since its super expensive around here and my old ones have crazy stains on them from who knows what.  The day ended with plenty of money still in my bank account and some great stuff in my trunk.  I’m a happy shopper.
      • Take lots of pictures. I took some pictures but not nearly enough.  I’m a pretty shy person and feel stupid asking people to pose for pictures no matter how much I love them.  I completely goofed up and didn’t take a picture with Kara on Wednesday.  So I have to live with the memories until next time and take more pictures.  But I did take a bunch on Sunday of the kids at church.  They were such hams.

      Not too bad if I do say so myself…and I do 🙂  It will take a while for me to get over my camera fears but I’m getting better.

      Now onto the more ambitious goals for this week.

      • Eat out no more than 2x.  After a week of nothing but eating out I’m sick of it again.  So I have to eat out today for lunch and I’m giving myself one leeway meal for just in case something goes haywire.  Hunni and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow after our lunch meeting to ensure we have some healthy eats.
      • Finalize plans with friends for vacation.  So I thought I had plans all in place for our vacation but then things got changed so we have to change.  But I’m planning still and will get some final details in place this week or I freak out.
      • Figure out alternative fuels for running.  I got sport beans to try for my longer runs.  I tried them for the first time tonight prior to reading the ingredients.  I only ate a small bit but unfortunately they didn’t really agree with my stomach. The first ingredient is evaporated cane juice…IE sugar!  Back to the drawing board.
      • Take Peanut and Leo for a long walk.  The weather is getting so nice this week so  I think it’s time for the family to take a long walk together.  Perhaps a walk to the coffee shop for a treat is in order.
      • Create a new baking project.  Using my favorite new sugar-free website I need to make a new round of treats since I’m almost done with my muffins.  I bought some currants in anticipation.
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    1. 08/03/2010 1:43 PM

      Congrats on 6 miles!!! You’ll rock your race no problem!

      I was an idiot and didn’t bring out the camera at dinner either, but I think with the low lighting and ambience of the place they might’ve frowned on it a bit…and I’m so glad you enjoyed your dinner! Let me know if you re-create the recipe. 🙂

      Matt over at No Meat Athlete ( has lots of suggestions for natural workout fuel — maybe some of his recipes might work for you?

    2. 08/03/2010 8:34 PM

      Great job on the 6 miles!

    3. 08/03/2010 10:35 PM

      Six miles is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations – you will do great!


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