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New Routines


Yep I’ll admit it again…I’m a creature of habit.  I find something that works and continue to do it.  Even to my own detriment sometimes.  I don’t like change because it means I actually have to work to change a habit that I’ve ingrained into my head.  It’s just hard to change.

Take for example this week.  Hunni and I are traveling for work all week and normally I would use it as an excuse to not exercise.  Sure I’d pack my workout clothes and “intend” on hitting the hotel gym.  But then I would make myself so busy with friends that I would put it off until I was too tired and go to bed.  But not this time.  Hunni and I both packed our gym clothes and had a plan to hit the gym as soon as we checked into our room so that we would have it out-of-the-way before seeing our friends.  Of course we did make a little detour to the outlets to pick up some things like new uniform shoes and some great Under Armour gear since we left pretty early.  But as soon as we were allowed to check in at 3PM we got ready for the gym.

Muscle man ready to go.

Rocking one of my new running shirts.

The hotel gym gave me the opportunity to get in a great run and practice my new routine for running.  I have a confession…I never used to stretch.  Sure sure all the research and stuff my PT would tell me that stretching was a must for my injuries and I still didn’t do it.  I would get started on the treadmill for my warm up and then wouldn’t stop to stretch…and no one could make me.  But then I got scared because my hamstrings got really tight one day after a great run.  I’m pretty flexible and can pretty easily touch my toes but not this day.  Eek!  Maybe some stretching was in order before I ended my hiney back into PT again.  Steve likes me and all but would be pretty upset if he had to start working on me again because I didn’t follow instructions.

So now I have a routine.  In order to tell myself my warmup was done and I needed to stretch I’ve been starting out on the elliptical for 5 minutes.

Just warming up.

Just warm enough to not snap the rubber bands in my legs but not too warm that I’m sweating yet.  My main workout is still to come on the treadmill.

Then I hit up some of the main stretches that are for my hips and hamstrings and quads.

Then I hit up the big daddy for a good run.

I was able to run for 20 minutes and walk for 2 and repeat.  I felt great and covered 4 miles in 45 minutes.  And my legs could have kept going.  Kind of like how Meghann was after her marathon but I’m nowhere near that distance yet.

We cleaned up and headed out to one of our favorite places to eat when we were in seminary.  We went to the Kingsbridge Diner almost every weekend because the food is great and the prices are even better.

I had a great date which wasn’t a change from all our other trips to this wonderful place.  He still looks as cute as ever.

Isn't he adorable?

But with my new understanding of my food sensitivities I changed up my typical Kingsbridge order.  I always order breakfast so I stuck with that on the menu. But this time made a few changes.

Normally I would have ordered an omelette with a side of sausage, the home fries and buttered toast.  Instead I ordered an egg-white omelette cooked dry a side of fruit and dry toast.  It filled me up but not with that yucky feeling I’m used to after diner food.  I was satisfied…yeah satisfied is the best word.  And when Hunni ordered this…

Old Fashioned NY style Cheesecake.

I didn’t even take a bite.  Normally I would have at least eaten the tip of the dessert and then quickly chugged some Pepto.  Instead I sipped my tea and came back to the room and snacked on some pistachios for dessert.  And now I’m still satisfied instead of extremely uncomfortable.

And overall I’m just tired.  The drive was long to get here, shopping tires me out even with the good deals, workout was great and dinner was amazing.  But challenging myself to change-up my routines really took a toll on me mentally so I’m off to an early bed time without my two favorite little furry friends.

I miss them but enjoy sharing my bed with my favorite furry friend who is snoring next to me.

How hard is it for you to change up your routines?

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  1. 02/03/2010 3:21 AM

    I love leaving a meal satisfied and not having to feel like I want to die then..or 12 hours later when it all runs through my body. Thanks for writing this. It reminds me of where I want to be in life.

  2. Ellen permalink
    02/03/2010 10:52 PM

    I used to never EVER let myself miss certain yoga/spinning classes, no matter how exhausted I was or what plans I had to cancel. It started making me (and my bf) craaazy. I’ve definitely become more OK with mixing up my routine. I still try to clock in the same number of hours at the gym, but not having the pressure to do something at a certain time every day definitely takes the pressure off!

    • 05/03/2010 10:02 PM

      I used to be the same way and now I’m a bit more lenient on myself.

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